Modiphius Expands its Support for 3D Printing with New Print at Home Terrain for Fallout: Wasteland Warfare

Modiphius Entertainment is expanding its support for at-home 3D printing and has made available several new Fallout: Wasteland Warfare terrain models via their online storefront. Each product is available as a digital STL file, suitable for printing on most consumer and professional 3D resin printers. Modiphius is one of the few tabletop gaming companies that offer significant support for print-at-home, and is the only publisher doing it for licensed games such as Fallout. The latest model release consists of:

  • Bottle and Cappy: No trip to Nuka World would be complete without a photo with these two beloved mascots! Grab these STLs, which allow you to print nine versions of this dynamic fizzy duo! $15.99 USD
  • Pick ‘R Up Truck: This adaptable little vehicle found uses as a workhorse in pre-war America. From mechanic’s pickup truck to delivery driver’s run around, the flatbed and two-person capacity made it a mainstay of hardworking tradesfolk. $10 USD
  • Boston Bus: Scattered throughout Boston, from the soaring flyovers to the school districts, and even rusting in the parking lots of Nuka World, the towering remains of buses provide risk and reward. Industrious wastelanders may even salvage their remains to make impromptu shelters or more permanent features within their settlements. $31 USD
  • Nuka World Parking Lot: This set of STLs allows you to print the key elements you will need to represent the various parking lots that surround the six zones in the Nuka World park, including a damaged (or preserved!) bus, a bus shelter, trash bins, and a Pick ‘R Up truck! $62 USD

For those looking to try out some wasteland-themed 3D printing, a free sample pack is available.

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