Monolith Reveals Details of Batman: Gotham City Chronicles Season 3

Batman: Gotham City Chronicles

Yesterday, Monolith lifted the curtain on their upcoming Batman roleplaying game. Today, the game publisher has some teases as to what we can expect for Batman: Gotham City Chronicles Season 3.

The campaign for the third season will launch on Kickstarter in 2021. Monolith has said this release will focus on “gameplay revitalization, comfort, and accessibility.”

Announced so far:

  • A Total Rulebook and Missions booklet Upgrade by Paul Grogan. Grogan is the author and publisher of numerous rulebooks and owner/creator/host of the Gaming Rules! YouTube channel. He is focused on rewriting the booklets to improve game rules accessibility and information comprehension, a reworking that will be invaluable for first time players and seasoned veterans alike.

    These revised booklets will be available before Monolith launches Season 3 as pdf’s so that the long-term fans have access to them as soon as possible and these upgraded booklets will be included in the Season 3 core game Box and available as printed copy Season 3 add-ons.
  • A Solo Player/Cooperative Game Mode. Season 3 will provide rules to play “we’re all in this together” or totally alone “lockdown” mode. These rules are different than those designed for the Conan boardgame as Monolith wanted each game to continue to develop its own identity.

Also, season 3 is completely backwards compatible with all of the previous published Adventure mode scenarios.

Monolith is also looking to the community. Before the launch on Kickstarter, they’re going to be asking what they should make available from the previous 2 seasons.

There’s also teases of storage solutions (yay!), game aids, and more to come including game boards, new miniatures, new adventures, and new game modes.

We’ll of course have more news as it becomes available.


  • My son has gotten into the Batman Gotham City Chronicles after Season 1 & 2, so I’m playing “catch-up” when buying for him. What I would like to see “re-released” is the Season 2 Expansions: Maps Pack (Sewers & GCPD) and the 5 Player Expansion
    The other miniatures that I’ve a hard time finding are: Batman Rebirth, Gang of Robin (x4), White Rabbit (x2),
    Hawkfire, and Talon (Uriah Boone)

    If Season 3 comes out, I want to be in on the All-In Pledge. (It seems so much easier!)


    • Season 3 is out soon. We’ll have something when it launches. No idea what you’ll be able to get from the previous one though.

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