More Details on Knight Model’s Marvel Universe Miniature Game

Some more details on Knight Model‘s Marvel Universe Miniature Game have been released. The game was announced yesterday with basic details of what we can expect.

The game will have three initial starter sets (Avengers, Guardians of the Galaxy, and X-Men) released featured four figures and a a rulebook. There will also be rules cards for each figure included in the set.

The game on two D8 dice rolled together and compared to various stats. It is said you’ll need five D8 dice, so stock up now. Models can see 360 degrees and measuring can be done any time and is in inches.

As is the trend, the game is recommended to be played on a 36″ x 36″ board and the more the terrain the better.

Turns are taken in an alternating basis with players going back and forth activating models.

The game is scenario based with achievements giving players victory points.

Characters have a “Pow” stat which determines what a character can do such as movement, attacks, and special powers. For movement, there will be 2 to 3 speeds and each speed will cost a different amount of “Pow.” For example the first speed may be 1, the second 2, and third 3 points.

There’s four types of attacks and defense, physical, mental, energy, and supernatural. Characters will be strong in some and weak in others. There’s also secondary attacks. Each attack has a “Pow” cost and some attacks will be limited in how often they can be used. The basic idea for attacks is roll 2D8 and compare it against a character’s defense.

As if straight out of a video game, characters will have an Endurance Bar which will go from Green to Yellow to Red. Depending where you are, you’ll get bonuses or negatives and you can eventually get knocked out.

The game sounds like a hell of a fun skirmish game.

Marvel Universe Miniature Game 2

(via Pressganger)

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