More Info About The Walking Dead: All Out War Miniature Game

The Walking Dead All Out War GlennMantic Games has revealed more details about their upcoming The Walking Dead: All Out War miniature game. The game has you taking control of a group of survivors, some of the well known characters from the series like Rick, Michonne, Shane, and more.

The characters for the game will come with cards that has their name, abilities, health, and role withing the group. Roles include things like “Leader” which give abilities like providing actions to other members of your group. Stats show how good you are at firing weapons, fighting, or defending, and represented by color dice which are six sided.

The Walking Dead All Out War DaleInterestingly characters have a “nerve level” which controls how well they react to the Walkers. This also has a “threat level” function that modifies events in the game.

You can also expect special rules too based on specific characters, think Rick and Carl.

Mantic has said the game will be a Kickstarter project, with the figures being single piece plastic miniatures. The figures are made to make them easier to paint.

While you control a small group, the game is built on points which you use to buy characters and equipment. Starter games will have 2-4 figures a side and a standard game will be 6-10 figures per side.

The game will be released later this year, but the Kickstarter launches this February.

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