Murder By Mail is an Immersive RPG Experience

Source Point Press has announced the debut of its latest ongoing comic book series, Murder by Mail, set in the Curse of Cleaver County universe and created by Joshua Werner. This groundbreaking new series offers readers a unique and immersive storytelling experience that challenges the reader to solve murder cases within this newly launched horror-verse.

Readers are placed in the shoes of a private investigator working for Illicit Investigations, tasked with solving a series of brutal murders. Using evidence and clues provided throughout, readers must conduct their own interviews with witnesses and suspects to piece together the truth.

As the reader uncovers clues and solves puzzles, the cases they solve will have real effects on the ongoing story of the Curse of Cleaver County universe. With each issue, the stakes will grow higher as the reader gets more immersed in the dangers of Cleaver County, and must work harder to bring killers to justice.

Murder by Mail issue one will be available in comic book stores everywhere on June 21st, 2023. Don’t miss your chance to become a part of this horror-verse and solve these thrilling murder mysteries.

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