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Mythic Games Teams with the Dabel Brothers to Turn Time of Legends: Joan of Arc from Board Game to Comic

Time of Legends: Joan of Arc is a miniature featuring board game from Mythic Games successfully funded on Kickstater (with the Late Pledge still open). The game features a slightly different reality set during the Hundred Years’ War where all the myths and legends thought to be real are. In the game you control an army of miniatures that represents heroes, knights, and peasants that you’ll use to achieve your goals.

The game publisher is teaming up with Dabel Brothers to bring the game to comics! And since it’s “Joan of Arc,” it’s only appropriate that an all-female team is leading the artistic direction of the series. Veteran comic book writer and Vice President of Creative Development at Dabel Brothers, David Campiti, will write the first volume in the series.


(via Graphic Policy)

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