New Hundred Kingdoms Expansions launch for Para Bellum’s Conquest

Para Bellum Wargames has revealed new units for Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings and Conquest: First Blood. Coming soon is a new cavalry unit for the human faction of the Hundred Kingdoms.  Fast and defensive, the Mounted Squires are here to push the line for the Hundred Kingdoms warlords, giving that extra edge on the battlefield. To further enhance the classic medieval human faction, a full array of three tactical retinue miniatures is also released, allowing the full customization options for all Hundred Kingdoms characters! And for the cherry on top, the Neophyte is here to boost the infantry of the Militia and the Men-at-Arms!

The Mounted Squires and the Tactical retinue open the way for new strategies to the Hundred Kingdoms warlords, as well as customization options for each Character and even a boost to simpler units, like the Militia and the Men-at-Arms!

Trained for war since their early years, the Mounted Squires are here to earn their Knighthoods in the only way tradition demands: to wet their blades on the field of battle. The agile playstyle of this Light Cavalry regiment, as well as the Shield special rule, will allow these aspiring youths to press the line of battle and hold their ground, allowing for constant pressure on the field. Enhanced by their tactical retinues, clever commanders will be able to find new and inspired ways to control the field of battle, as well as its final outcome! Together with the subtle but significant boost the Neophyte Command Model provides to infantry, these new additions can shine on the fields of both the mass combats of “The Last Argument of Kings” and the skirmish battles of “First Blood!”

Coming in early February worldwide, the Neophyte, Mounted Squires and Tactical Retinue will excite Hundred Kingdom players.

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