North Star Games’ Oceans Lite is Available Now for Free Download

Oceans Lite

Oceans Lite, the digital implementation of the critically acclaimed tabletop strategy game Oceans, sets sail today on Android and iOS and is now available as a free download.

Oceans Lite

Oceans, part of North Star Games’ Evolution line of games, was released this year following a massively successful Kickstarter campaign. It is a species-building strategy game designed by Nick Bentley, Dominic Crapuchettes, Ben Goldman, and Brian O’Neill, where players battle to survive in an ever-changing ecosystem.

Players craft unique species of animals using 12 Surface traits and a unique array of Deep cards representing the unexplored depths of the ocean, all while navigating the challenges of different Scenario cards. By combining different traits rooted in science, players’ species can develop symbiotic relationships or even evolve carnivorous traits and feast on foes. The winner is the player who can build the most successful species to survive and thrive in changing conditions.

Oceans Lite, created by the team at North Star Digital Studios, offers features designed to introduce new players to the world of the game while giving veteran players a place to sharpen their skills. This implementation of the tabletop game features a learn-while-you-play tutorial from Darwin himself, a solo mode pitting gamers against an enemy AI. Additional features, including a pass and play 

Oceans Lite

At release, Oceans Lite includes 20 of the tabletop game’s Deep cards and 4 Scenario cards. These allow for significant replayability and give players a taste of the game’s millions and millions of unique combinations of species and environments. One additional pack of Deep and Surface cards is available for purchase at launch for $.99, allowing players to unlock even more content and dive deeper into Oceans Lite. That purchase also unlocks additional features including a pass and play mode and additional levels of AI difficulty.

Oceans Lite is available for free download in English on Android and iOS, with additional packs of Deep and Surface cards available for purchase.

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