NOVA Open 2023: Enter the frozen depths with Warhammer Underworlds: Deathgorge

Warhammer Underworlds: Deathgorge is the latest Warhammer Underworlds release, a sub-zero setting for the next season of the game. The box has everything you need for new and old players including two new warbands, Rivals decks, rulebook with updated rules, and dice and tokens.

The release features The Thricefold Discord a trio of Slaanesh daemons who despise each other. They take on the Idoneth Deepkin with Cyreni’s Razors.

Each warband comes with its own Rivals deck that can you use to open, shuffle, and play games with straight away, but Deathgorge also contains two universal Rivals decks – Breakneck Slaughter and Force of Frost – which you can use with your warband of choice, or raid for cards to use when creating Nemesis decks.

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