NOVA Open announces a new badge type and hotel information


With badges for NOVA Open 2023 going on sale soon, the convention has released some details regarding the new hotel and has revealed a new badge type!

NOVA Open takes place from August 30 through September 3rd.

This year the convention has changed locations and is at the spacious, historic Washington Hilton hotel in Adam’s Morgan, DC. The Washington Hilton regularly hosts U.S. Presidential events and is the only hotel to have an official U.S. Presidential seal built into the structure. The hotel features over 100,000 square feet of convention space to take advantage of.

Hotel Block Opens Wed March 1st 8:30pm
On the Hotels page of the NOVA Open website.

Convention room block information: There are over 700 rooms available all for the convention rate of $144 plus tax. For those driving, they have also negotiated a major parking discount to only $15/day (same as 2022 rate!).

This year NOVA Open is premiering a new badge type! To create as streamlined a checkout experience as possible they are piloting two new badges which are called “One-click bundles”. There will be 100 each for 40k GT and Age of Sigmar GT.

Each One-click Bundle gets you:

  • Your Convention Access Pass
  • Entry into the Grand Tournament (40k or AoS)
  • Convention t-shirt
  • Guaranteed ability to reserve a Deluxe 1 King Bed hotel room through a special booking portal.

With a One-click Bundle, your registration is a breeze! With one single item you know your convention experience is locked-in. After launch, purchasers will get access to the reserved room booking portal. These badges will sell for $215 until March 31st.

Any unsold GT spots at the end of the month will be rolled into the general GT ticket pool.

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