NOVA Open’s badge sale begins March 1st


Save the date! Tickets for the 2023 NOVA Open will go live through on March 1st, 2023 at 8pm Eastern. The convention advises creating an account PRIOR to the live date. They’ve been working with TTE to scale up for the launch volume and minimize issues so many conventions have during their badge and event launches. This year they’re also trying something new. In order to reduce congestion at launch we are going to have two waves of sales on the 1st:

  • 8pm EST – Badge Sales Open
  • 8:30pm EST – Ticket Sales Open

The convention hopes that by staggering things they can avoid anyone missing out on event tickets in the rush. More info will be released next week with more info about the launch, the revised COVID policy, website updates, and more.

Finally, SuperNovas from the last three years should have gotten an email with instructions on how to get a shot at the 50 badge SuperNOVA pre-sale. If you didn’t, contact the convention! Everyone else, mark your calendars for March 1st at 8pm EST for your chance!

NOVA Open 2023 takes place August 31st to September 3rd at the Washington Hilton in Washington, DC.

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