Nurgle Descends with Games Workshop’s New Releases

Games Workshop‘s next week’s releases are up for pre-order and the worshipers of Nurgle should be happy with numerous releases including their Codex and the Daemon Primarch Mortarion.

Mortarion is here! Reimagined for a new age, this magnificent miniature makes for a perfect centerpiece to your Death Guard army, while new rules make him a deadly force on the tabletop, too. Mortarion retails for $140.

Celebrate the return of the Death Guard with a beautiful limited edition Codex Death Guard. Featuring an exclusive poster, markers and cards for your psychic powers and a three wheeled tracker, this edition is perfect for gamers and collectors alike – get yours while stocks last. The limited edition retails for $200.

The Death Guard are back, deadlier than ever and armed with the brand new Codex Death Guard. This is the most detailed look at the XIV Legion ever, with art, background, stratagems and datasheets for loads of new units. Get yours in hardback, grab a digital edition for portability or show your dedication with the collector’s edition. The ePub is $34.99, enhanced digital edition is $39.99, hardback is $40, and collector’s edition is $80.

The Plague Brethren is a box of unique Plague Marines is only available while stocks last and is a great way to add some character to your squads. This set also contains exclusive art cards, concept art and designers notes with insights into how the new Death Guard models were created. This web exclusive retails for $40.

Managing your master plan is easy with Datacards: Death Guard, allowing you to quickly reference your unique rules. The cards retail for $15.

The Death Guard dice are designed to look especially disgusting – perfect for using with any Nurgle army. The dice retail for $20.

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