Oceans: Legends of the Deep Adds Fantasy to North Star Games’ Oceans in 2021

North Star Games has revealed the next entry in their Oceans line of games, Oceans: Legends of the Deep. The new expansion is a journey into the unknown delivering powerful traits beyond biology that we know.

Legends of the Deep will deliver high fantasy into the Oceans game with powerful empire cards that affect all of the player’s species. It’s a high fantasy concept introduced to the Oceans ecosystem.

The big introduction in the game is each player has 4 over-sized Empire cards at the start of each game that can be played instead of a trait. An example is Flying Whales says “Each of your species gets “Forage 5. May store 5 extra population. Cannot be attacked by a species with a Deep trait.” Another example is a Cthulhu card that impacts your opponent or a Leviathan card that increases traits but limits the species.

The expansion is still in the early testing phase. Oceans: Legends of the Deep is coming next summer to Kickstarter.

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