Paizo’s Starfinder is Set to Launch at Gen Con 50

Nearly a decade after Paizo Inc. released the award-winning Pathfinder Roleplaying Game, the countdown is now on to celebrate the release of another new game. The epic science-fantasy Starfinder RPG, set in the far-future of the world of Pathfinder will see it’s release at Gen Con. Paizo will be releasing the Starfinder’s Core Rulebook and also the first Adventure Path, Dead Suns. They’ll also host a line-up of gaming events and activities for fans attending the show.

Gen Con takes place August 17-20 in Indianapolis.

Players can travel to the stars or explore Golarion with 24-hour gaming in the Sagamore Ballroom, including the now-legendary 1200-player Pathfinder Specials. Other events include Pathfinder Society Adventure Card Guild Open Tournament, a new multi-table interactive Pathfinder Society Scenario, new quests, a pre-generated character special and three scenarios for Starfinder Society. Participants will also receive collectible buttons, while they last.

Join members of Team Paizo in the Paizo seminar room for rules discussions, adventure path previews, and more, including:

Thursday, 2:00pm
Starfinder Adventure Path Q&A with Developers Rob McCreary and Jason Keeley

Friday, 12:00pm
Starfinder Rules Q&A with Creative Director James Sutter and Lead Designer Owen KC Stephens

Saturday, 3:00pm
Paizo 2017 and Beyond with CEO Lisa Stevens, Publisher Erik Mona, and Pathfinder Lead Designer Jason Bulmahn

Also, members of Team Paizo will be on hand to meet attendees throughout all four days of the show in the Paizo booth. You can find them at booth #103. They’ll also be handing out new collectible buttons each day. Attendees who shop in Paizo’s booth and spend $50 or more will receive a promotional Blue Knight mini.

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