Panini America Reveals a Justice League TCG

At the GAMA Trade Show, Panini America revealed it’ll be launch a new trading card game, Meta-X Justice League TCG. The game will debut at San Diego Comic-Con with a retail release after.

The game will use are from the New-52 era of DC Comics and the first set will be over 250 cards. The game is a part of a bigger plan for Panini in their use of the card game engine. The Meta-X engine will be able to be used with multiples IPs and future games will use it allowing for multiple IPs to be used in the same game. It’s a similar idea as WizKids’ Dice Masters which has one game engine that’s used across intellectual property which allows you to mix and match.

The focus is an “easy entry into the game” where new players can learn the game in five minutes. The game will be sold in Starters and Boosters.

(via ICv2)

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