Para Bellum reveals First Blood II for Conquest

Para Bellum Games, publisher of the fantasy Mass Combat Miniature Wargame Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings and Skirmish ruleset Conquest: First Blood, is launching an evolved look at Skirmish play with its rules and gameplay style in First Blood II.

First Blood is a fast-paced, alternating activation, skirmish wargame using a small warband of about 15 models. First Blood sees fighting from the eyes of soldiers behind a shield wall, (rather than the eagle-eye view of an Army Commander), allowing fans to delve deeper into each model’s lore and explore further how each Faction would approach combat engagements of that scale. This evolved ruleset now allows deeply tactical maneuvers, small-scale unit formations, and movement as opponents fight to capture objectives in war-torn urban and other dense terrain settings.

Conquest: First Blood has its own Army Builder, Competitive and Narrative packs as well as Campaigns that tie it with its sibling, Conquest: the Last Argument of Kings! Conquest offers beautiful lore and highly sculpted miniatures to be uniquely used in two styles of gameplay. Rules are available in multiple languages as well, with new languages being added regularly.

While all miniatures sold by Conquest are compatible for playing both The Last Argument of Kings Mass Fantasy Battle style of play, AND the evolved First Blood II style of skirmish play, we have created a First Blood themed 1 Player Warband as an introduction to our Skirmish game. This starter miniature set is available for all 7 of the factions, including the recently released City States. It includes more than enough figures to start your First Blood battles against a friend, it also includes a printed First Blood rule book, assembly guides, the path of Conquest journey brochures for these factions, and more. Each Warband has miniatures that include 3 Squads of 4, a Brute or Cavalry miniature, a Character, and an Officer – an absolutely great way to start play, and an affordable entry point to the world of Conquest.

Available for $€69.99, this 1 Player set is a great introduction to the worlds of Conquest. These sets debut on April 28th worldwide!

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