Para Bellum reveals its Conquest 2023 pricing and new releases

Conquest has announced its first third-of-the-year release schedule for 2023, and new 2023 pricing. 

January will bring the newest items for the Old Dominion to market, including the Founder’s Exclusive Heavy Metal diorama. This is a numbered edition of 750 units, available while supply lasts. The Mounted Strategos brings the “Undead” to “life” on this mounted steed, a truly beautiful sculpt, while the deadly whimsy of the Kanephor and Karaytid have a very distinctive look for player tables. 

February, brings the launch of our 7th faction, City States. More details and rules will be revealed in the new year. Check out the new Hoplites and Phalangites infantry sets in their painted glory. The City States will be the Conquest view of the classic Greek Warriors, with compelling sculptures, fantastic creatures including new Minotaurs, and unique giants like the new Hephaestian and Promethean. A new 2-player starter set will also debut in February, the City States vs the Nords. Everything 2 players need to start playing right away, at an incredible value – $179.99, which saves the gamer $200 over the individual pricing for the sets, and includes 2 exclusive Character sculptures – a unique Polemarch and Konungyr for these armies.

In these inflationary times, Conquest worked hard to maintain, or REDUCE, as many items as possible to continue to have miniature wargaming be accessible to players – new and current. We are making Conquest an inviting game for players! We hope you will help us welcome gamers to our Conquest Community! 

Highlights of the 2023 pricing program:

  • Character miniatures went from $28.99 to $24.99 MSRP, while Premium Sculpts are now $29.99.
  • Infantry Sets move from $42.99 to $39.99 MSRP, and Premium Sculpts are $44.99.
  • Brutes and Cavalry are steady at $49.99, with Premium Sculpts at $59.99
  • There’s incredible value in the 1-Player Starter Sets at $149.99 which is unchanged and $179.99 for the larger 2-player starter sets. 

Peruse the 2023 catalog in digital form, it is linked here!

Here’s the upcoming release schedule:

Nords: Sea Jotnar Artisan SeriesOld Dominion: “Heavy Metal” Founders ExclusiveConquest Army Support Packs Wave 4City States: Army Support Pack W4First Blood 1 player Starters – all factions
Conquest 25ct Dice – C logo Red and BlackOld Dominion: KaryatidsConquest Objective Markers and TokensW’adrhŭn: ChieftainCity States: Mechanist
Old Dominion: KanaphoresCity States vs Nords 2 Player Starter SetW’adrhŭn: VeteransCity States: Promethean
Old Dominion: Mounted StrategosCity States PolemarchOld Dominion: AthanatoiCity States: Hephaestian
Spires: Incarnate SentinelsCity States AristarchOld Dominion: Varangiansand more….
City States: HoplitesDweghom: Herald of Magma
City States: PhalangitesOrganised Play: Paint & Take
City States: Minotaur Thyreans
City States: Minotaur Haspists
City States Faction Dice on Gray swirl Dice
TLAOK Softcover Rulebook – English 2.0

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