ParaBellum Reveals the W’adrhŭn Founders Exclusive, The Brood of Omgorah from Michael Kontraros

Para Bellum Wargames has revealed the first W’adrhŭn release in their limited edition “Founder’s Exclusive” series. Sporting from Dioramas to special rules depictions on the field, the “Founder’s Exclusive” series of Conquest raises the level of what is possible in a miniature wargame. Sculpted by Michael Kontraros, the 2022 W’adrhŭn Founder’s Exclusive – Brood of Omgorah – depicts a Character with the special Weapon “Brood of Omgorah” chosen. Already fearsome presences on the field, the ferocious W’adrhŭn characters become a terrible tool in the hands of any capable Warlord, once on the back of such a terrifying beast!

The Brood of Omgorah can be used to depict three different W’adrhŭn Characters – the Chieftain, Matriarch Queen and Predator – with the “Brood of Omgorah” Special Rule, turning this stunning, unique model into an incredibly valuable addition to one’s army. Even if they would lose their retinues, the Characters turn into Light Cavalry entries, with appropriate special rules to boot.

With the Brood of Omgorah, the enemies of the W’adrhŭn won’t be able to decide if they are terrified by its fearsome might or enthralled by the sculpt that eyes them menacingly!

Sequentially numbered to four hundred (400), only three hundred and sixty (360) of the pieces will be available for sale. The other forty (40) will be offered as prize support in 2022, making them a spectacular prize worth 124.99/114.99 USD/EU! These will be available in participating FLGS, and will ship to consumers ordering from our EShop at the end of March, as well as debuting at our booths at GAMA and for sale at Adepticon!

2022 W’adrhŭn Founder’s Exclusive – Brood of Omgorah

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