Penny Arcade’s Acquisitions Inc. is joining Pocket Paragons

Pocket Paragons

Pocket Paragons is coming back to Kickstarter on February 28th! The crowdfunding campaign will feature two new expansions as well as a reprint.

The two new sets, Acquisitions Inc. and Space Lion feature 16 new paragons. Kickstarter backers will also receive a FREE Gabe vs. Tycho variant duel set. New to Pocket Paragons? Don’t worry, all of the previous content will be reprinted making this campaign an easy way to expand your game or get into it for the first time!

Retailers won’t be left out, they’ll have access to a FREE 36-pack Duel Set box with each retailer pledge.

You can sign up so you don’t miss out when the campaign launches.

Acquisitions Inc.

Space Lion

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