Pokémon Trading Card Game: Sword & Shield-Silver Tempest Expansion with New Radiant Pokémon Launches Today

The Pokémon Company International has released the latest expansion for the best-selling Pokémon Trading Card GameSword & Shield—Silver Tempest, available starting today at participating retailers around the world.

Sword & Shield—Silver Tempest reveals three new Radiant Pokémon, including Radiant Jirachi and Radiant Alakazam — Shiny Pokémon with powerful Abilities or attacks and illustrated in etched artwork. The new expansion also introduces more Pokémon VSTAR, including Lugia VSTAR, Regidrago VSTAR and Alolan Vulpix VSTAR — the first Pokémon VSTAR in the Pokémon TCG to not be fully evolved.

This expansion also includes 15 Pokémon V, 18 full-art Pokémon V, one Pokémon VMAX, six Pokémon VSTAR and a Trainer Gallery subset of 30 cards with artwork featuring popular Trainers and Pokémon.

Trainers can find Sword & Shield—Silver Tempest in booster packs, Elite Trainer Boxes and special collections at participating retailers.

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