Popular Deck-Building Game Dominion Gets an App

Dominion App

Temple Gates Games, in collaboration with Rio Grande Games, has announced the development of the Dominion app for PCs, phones, and tablets.

Dominion is a card game that invented the deckbuilding genre. Since winning Spiel des Jahres in 2008, it has established itself as a true classic. It’s sold millions of copies around the world. For many, Dominion was the game that introduced them to modern board gaming. Its core loop is easy to pick up but offers a wealth of strategy to explore. As content has continued to be developed, such as 2020’s Menagerie expansion, the Dominion community has grown. Players have awaited a mobile and PC version of the game, a wish that will soon be granted!

Temple Gates Games is bringing Dominion to iOS, Android, and Steam. The app is a true adaptation of the board game, offering players the deckbuilding card play they love in a digital form. There are a few perks to this app that make playing digitally a snap:

  • Automated score-keeping, setup & rules enforcement
  • Jumbo mode for larger text
  • Turbo mode to zoom through games quickly
  • Neural net AI for solo play
  • Async and real-time multiplayer
  • Pass and play
  • Cross platform compatible: Start on your phone, finish on your PC
Dominion app

It will launch as a free to play title. Players can play with the ‘Base’ set of cards including 26 unique Kingdom cards, three basic Victory sets, and three basic Treasure sets. All expansions will be available for purchase at launch for five to ten USD dollars each.

Since its launch, Dominion designer Donald X. Vaccarino has created thirteen expansions to give players new challenges. Because each game uses only a subset of ten Kingdom cards, every game feels like a unique puzzle with its own flavor. With over five hundred cards across expansions, there are over sixty-six sextillion possible unique games to play – meaning lots of replayability! 

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