Reality Shift is a New 3D Racing Board Game That Defies Gravity

Reality Shift

Race, Hack, and Win in Reality Shift, the new 3D racing board game from Academy Games and Apollo Games.

Race to the finish along paths on the top and sides of the magnetic track cubes. Hack the track to shift a cube to change the paths to the finish or to crush an opponent. Win by using cunning strategy to be the first to the finish.

The goal is to move your light bike along the paths from cube to cube and be the first to make it across the finish line. You’re not constrained by gravity and the magnetic figure allows any accessible path to be used on the top and sides of the cubes.

Movement is gained by rolling the Movement Die and playing Action Cards from your hand. It’s not just about being fast enough, there’s also strategy. You can also play cards to move a Reality Cube creating a track that’s always shifting. Missing a path? Transform the board and create a path to the finish! Your opponent’s in the lead? Change the board to block their way or crush them with a cube.

Positioning is key as it can protect you from getting crushed and having to respawn.

Reality Shift forces you to be smarter and more ruthless rather than faster to win.

The Kickstarter is currently going on with $40 getting you the basic game and $55 getting you the basic game and stretch goals. The campaign runs until December 1 with a goal of $10,000.

Reality Shift is designed by Mat Hanson, Gunter Eickert is the Creative Director, James Schoch the Project Manager, Uwe Eickert is the Founder, Aldo Dominguez, the Artist, with a video done by Diego Melo.

Reality Shift

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