Redemptionists are Coming to Necromunda to Purge the Heretics

The Redemptionists are coming! The gang is one of the four gangs whose rules came in the 1996 Outlanders expansion for Necromunda. In its New Model Monday, Games Workshop has shown off the first of the new miniatures full of flaming goodness.

Redemptionists are a more hardcore Cawdor gang, even more devout than their brethren.

Redemptionists can be added to an existing Cawdor gang or can make up their own fanatical one, ready to spread the faith through their exterminators, fire pikes, or eviscerators.

The original Cult of Redemption worshipped the God-Emperor of Mankind focused on three sins:

  • Mutation
  • Being a Psyker
  • Heresy

They are often armed with chain weapons and flame weapons, ready to purge the heretics!

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