Reluctant Alliances and Fates Manipulated in Your First Look at Magic #22

BOOM! Studios has revealed a first look at Magic #22, the next issue from acclaimed comics writer Jed MacKay and Rich Douek, artist Giorgio Spalletta and Alberto Locatelli, colorists Arianna Consonni of Arancia Studio and Francesco Segala, and letterer Ed Dukeshire, about a series of mysteries plaguing fan-favorite planeswalkers all over the Multiverse, available in January 4, 2023.

Desperate questions make reluctant alliances! Garruk the Wildspeaker agrees to work with the woman who once cursed him–Liliana Vess! Together, they must find Isona Maive before she finds an even more dangerous ally than Marit Lage or Tezzeret! Meanwhile, with the man Vraska loves, Jace Beleren, unsure if he’s hearing a voice from beyond the grave, they call on Kaya. Kaya may be the only Planeswalker who can slay a ghost, but she also pulled Vraska out of Jace’s arms in what might have been their final moments together. And Kaya’s not any happier to see Vraska, who foreswore their friendship as thanks for Kaya saving her life. But if Niko’s right, someone is manipulating all their fates, there’s no time left for grudges.

Magic #22 features main cover art by acclaimed artist Miguel Mercado, a polybagged Secret Planeswalker Variant Cover by acclaimed illustrator WOLFSKULLJACK, and a variant by Rian Gonzales.

Magic #22

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