Renegade Game Studios Announces Renegade Con: Virtual Edition this June

Renegade Con

Coming this June is Renegade Con, the first convention produced to showcase all of the Renegade Game Studios’ games and all of their fandoms. This first convention also has the distinction of being the first convention we are participating in, completely on-line. We have endeavored to make everything you love about a convention, found in one place, over one great weekend of gaming from Friday, June 5th to Sunday, June 7th

The virtual convention will feature demos of new games like the gorgeous tile-laying game Succulent, quick-playing card game, Space Battle Lunchtime, the solo game Warp’s Edge, and the strategy game, The Search for Planet X!  The game publisher has teamed up with Hunter’s entertainment to bring RPG demos of their games Wardlings, Kids on Bikes based Junior Braves, and many more titles from Hunter’s library. They have partnered with Tabletopia and Roll20 to bring experienced GM’s and a true demo team. It will create a virtual feel of playing a quick demo at a convention.

No convention would be complete without panels, discussions, and of course a chance meeting of artists and designers. They are a core component of any event and Renegade has tried to cover these moments as well. The virtual convention features an extensive list of live panels with topics ranging from Art to the Industry and Power Rangers to Development stories. Be sure to check them out and ask questions during the Q&A segment.  There are also interviews with some of their favorite people. While you might not be able to bump into them, comfortable chats will allow you to get to know people like Kwanchai Moriya, Ivan Van Norman, and Jon Gilmour a little better.  

Workshops will be going on throughout the entire weekend. With a dozen of them scheduled, there is sure to be something for everyone. There is a huge range of topics from Instagramming your photos taught by a professional photographer, to using themes in board games by the amazing Banana Chan and guests. You will find something for the inner painter in multiple classes and puzzle designs for escape rooms from actual designers.

No convention would be complete without the meeting of friends and playing of games, and Renegade is trying to bring attendees together through their #Hashtag League and Raiders of the North Sea Tournament.  In the #Hashtag League you will be playing Renegade games and posting them to your favorite social media using the hashtag #RenConHashtagleague all throughout the weekend. They’ll pick winners at random each day to win fabulous Renegade prize packs! The tournament will have feature feeder games all weekend and finals on Sunday. Using Tabletopia contestants will play to win the coveted trophy and be crowned the best in the North Sea!

The best part of all this is that Renegade is doing the inaugural Renegade Con: Virtual edition for free. They want to encourage the excitement that comes with a physical convention and bring it directly to you. They are asking everyone to register for a free ticket so they can keep them informed about the event and all the things to come! You’ll receive all the guides and tools to navigate the systems they are using and be entered to win prizes throughout the weekend and leading up to the convention!  There is also a link to the panel registration so they can invite people to the special chat room where they can ask questions. For all of the information simply visit the website or and click on the link to Renegade Con. There you will find more information, links to the schedules and events, and of course links to get your tickets. Grab your badge, pack your virtual bag, and they’ll will see you Friday for the opening ceremonies!

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