Resident Evil Deck Building Game releases November 19, 2010

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Bandai announces the release of the RESIDENT EVIL™ Deck Building Game on November 19, 2010 and special pre-release promotions for Halloween Weekend 2010!

Cypress, CA – September 23, 2010 – Bandai America Inc. (Bandai) and Capcom Entertainment, Inc. (Capcom) are pleased to announce the RESIDENT EVIL™ Deck Building Game (DBG), scheduled for release on November 19, 2010!

In Capcom’s Resident Evil® video game series, a deadly virus has caused the dead to rise and infect any living thing they encounter!  Fleeing to a mysterious mansion, you must gather any materials you can find to protect yourself and fight for your survival against a legion of infected beings!

The RESIDENT EVIL DBG brings the story to life in a game of strategy where players construct their card decks while they play.  Choose one of your favorite characters from RESIDENT EVIL such as: Chris Redfield, Jill Valentine, or Albert Wesker among others. Players start with only the most basic of items and weapons. As the game progresses, players build their arsenal with additional Weapons, Ammunition, Action or Item cards to customize their deck and improve their ability in defeating “the Infected”! Your deck will be your lifeline to survival.  How will you survive the zombie outbreak?

The RESIDENT EVIL DBG will consist of 250 playing cards, 3 different game modes (Story, Mercenary and Versus) and hundreds of possible scenarios within each mode for unlimited replay value.  No two games will ever be the same!

  • Story mode is the main version of the game where players must race to claim the best weapons, items, and ammunition before others get to it first. Quick thinking and a good instinct will help you survive the Mansion and be the one to escape to safety.
  • Mercenary mode is similar to Story mode but this mode rewards the players that take the offensive. Players must prove their skills by defeating as many zombies as they can in a limited amount of time. This mode can be played in teams.
  • Versus mode removes “the Infected” from the game and pits the human characters against each other in a battle for dominance. Players must watch their back as they attempt to defeat each other while staying alive themselves. Watch out because you may find that players are not as merciful as “the Infected”!

MSRP is expected to be $29.99.

Bandai is planning a full schedule of promotions and events that will lead to the big release on November 19th, 2010.  On Halloween weekend October 29th – 31st customers will be able to get a sneak preview of the game when demo copies are made available exclusively to hobby retailers nationwide.  After playing the game, consumers that preorder a copy before November 19th will receive 2 exclusive cards not available in the regular edition of the game!

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The RESIDENT EVIL video game series by Capcom debuted in 1996 and has sold more than 40 million games worldwide.  It has since turned into a media franchise with major motion pictures, games, comic books, novels and other collectibles.

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