Riot Quest: Chilly Con Carnage Has Arrived on Kickstarter with a 48 Hour “Gold Tier”

Riot Quest: Chilly Con Carnage

Privateer Press has launched Riot Quest: Chilly Con Carnage on Kickstarter. The game features a “Gold Level” tier available for just the first 48 hours.

This pledge tier will reward you with Gold level Prize Tickets and Bounty Tokens that you can use to get rewards from the Loot Vault in the post-campaign pledge manager!

Go all in with the full complement of new releases featured in the Chilly Con Carnage Kickstarter campaign, including the Boss Fight expansion, The Heist expansion, the Bounty Tokens expansion, Mekanolith, The Living Covenant, Tubbin, Widget – Mathlete Archaeologist and get both Dreyfus & Flubbin – Storm Patrol, Malvin – Revenge Artist, as well as the new Icy 3D Cooler, and Kommandog Barkevich totally free! You also receive all digital rewards and Treasure Stash Upgrades unlocked as we achieve the stretch goals of this campaign.

Shipping will be charged in the pledge manager.


  • Karchev and Deathjack: Malignant Fusion Boss Fight
  • The Heist Expansion
  • Bounty Tokens Expansion
  • Mekanolith
  • The Living Covenant
  • Tubbin
  • Widget, Mathlete Archaeologist
  • Dreyfus & Flubbin, Storm Patrol
  • Malvin, Revenge Artist
  • Icy 3D Cooler
  • Kommandog Barkevich, the Iron Woof
  • Gold Level Prize Tickets and Bounty Tokens
  • All Applicable Stretch Goals

There’s a lot of options whether you’re new to the game or a long-time player, Privateer Press has you covered. The campaign ends on May 6.

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