River Horse Reveals The Dark Crystal Adventure Game

The Dark Crystal Adventure Game

Fans of The Dark Crystal should get excited for 2021 as River Horse has announced that they are working on a new Dark Crystal roleplaying game. The release is part of their line of easy to play roleplaying games.

Once again, expect high production values in a book that will please both collectors and players alike. Stuffed full of adventure in the world of Jim Henson’s Dark Crystal – both the original film and the Age of Resistance series!

The adventure is being written by Janet Forbes of World Anvil and River Horse’s own Jack Caesar, who worked on both the Labyrinth Adventure Game and Tails of Equestria. Like the Labyrinth Adventure Game, The Dark Crystal Adventure Game will include a simple rules system and GM toolkit and a 100-scenes adventure, which can be played either with River Horse’s rules, or any other rule-set. 

The book is going to be full of illustrations by Brian Froud, Johnny Frazer-Allen, Chris Caesar, and others, and enriched with as many cool features like transparent pages, maps, foldouts, etc, as we can squeeze in…  

Coming to tables in 2021!

The Dark Crystal Adventure Game

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