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MTG Commander Deck Box XL + Battle for Baldur's Gate

Crowdfunding helps creators bring their projects to life by going direct to consumers and delivering the funding to help make the projects a reality. With so many launching, we’re providing an easy way to discover new projects on Kickstarter (with other platforms to come!). See what’s come to Kickstarter on December 2nd.

Sexy Elven Dancers! Physical Prints & STLs for 3D Printing!

Resin Printed Minis and STL files of Female Elf Dancers/Entertainers!

by Foe Figures
Goal: $500
End Date: Sat, December 17 2022 12:07 PM EST

Krakulu’s Radiant Hope Chapel, Pay What you Want!

The guys here at Krakulu introduce to you a new beautiful selection of 3D printable STLs. Featuring our Church and it’s furnishings.

by Ben
Goal: $61
End Date: Sat, December 17 2022 1:07 PM EST

Seeking Baby Dragon Dice

D6 themed dice set engraved with baby dragons and footprints for dungeons and dragons, tabletop, rpg, collections, and board games.

by Wyvern Trinkets
Goal: $2,223
End Date: Wed, January 4 2023 1:59 AM EST

Inquisitor’s Orders – A 5E/PF2E Monster Hunter Campaign

The Inquisitors’ Guild offers characters the opportunity to accept a variety of 1-Shot based 5E & PF2E adventures, released monthly.

by Quest Gaming, LLC
Goal: $350
End Date: Mon, January 2 2023 7:56 PM EST

MTG Commander Deck Box XL + Battle for Baldur’s Gate

Beautifully hand-crafted Commander Deck Boxes by Vulcan Forge Creations. Each box is a work of art worthy of your hard-earned decks.

by Vulcan Forge
Goal: $5,000
End Date: Mon, January 2 2023 11:00 PM EST

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