Scrum Con’s registration opens today!

Scrum Con 2023

Registration has opened, this Saturday, February 25, for Scrum Con 2023! The convention has around 40 games over the course of the day, as well as the return of the popular “bring-and-buy” flea market. They also have a variety of t-shirts folks can order for pick-up at the convention. 

Badges and Tickets

Scrum Con 2019 and 2020 sold out about a week before the day of the convention, so they highly encourage attendees to peruse the games schedule (they’re called “Events” in Tabletop Events parlance) soon after buying your badge. In the past, some of the most popular games have had all tickets claimed within the first day or two after registration was opened.

Go to our Tabletop Events Scrum Con 2023 page to buy your badge and pick your games!

Scrum Con Needs Your Help!
This convention succeeds by word of mouth, so anything you can do to make people aware of Scrum Con literally helps make future Scrum Cons possible. Facility rental costs have increased now that the pandemic has subsided and every organization is scrambling to book space, but they’ve kept badge costs the same as they were in 2020. Sharing the convention with friends, and posting about Scrum Con on your social media accounts, Subreddits, and other places kindred gaming spirits gather is the only hope they have of surviving and hopefully one day leveling up!

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