Space Wolves, Deathwatch, and more are Here in this Week’s Games Workshop Pre-Order

Space Marines get more options in this week’s new pre-orders from Games Workshop. Deathwatch and Space Wolves get their codex releases along with Combat Patrols and more. There’s also something for Ork players and those looking for a better way to hold on to their figures for painting. Check out what you can pre-order now.

Space Wolves are here with two versions of their codex. You can get the collector’s edition for $65 and the regular version for $30.

You can keep track of your Space Wolves with Datacards: Space Wolves for $15 and show off your loyalty with the Space Wolves Dice Set for $35.

But what’s a codex without some models to build your force? GW has you covered!

Combat Patrol: Space Wolves retails for $140 and features 1 Primaris Lieutenant, 1 Invictor Tactical Warsuit, 10 Primaris Intercessors, 5 Primaris Reivers, and 2 Space Wolves Primaris Upgrade Frames.

Combat Patrol: Space Wolves

The Hounds of Morkai retail for $45 and are an elite choice who are adept at hunting enemy psykers! The set includes 5 Primaris Reivers and a Space Wolves Primaris Upgrade Frame.

Hounds of Morkai

Ragnar Blackmane is here to lead your force. The miniature retails for $40.

Ragnar Blackmane

The Deathwatch have arrived as well. You can now build your force of xenos-hunters with their brand-new codex. The collector’s edition retails for $65 while the regular edition is $30.

You can keep track of your Deathwatch with Datacards: Deathwatch for $15 and show off your loyalty with the Deathwatch Dice Set for $35.

The Combat Patrol: Deathwatch retails for $140 and features 1 Primaris Lieutenant, 1 Primaris Apothecary, 10 Primaris Intercessors, 3 Primaris Aggressors, and 2 Deathwatch Upgrade Frames.

Combat Patrol: Deathwatch

But, there’s also something for Space Marine players as a whole. You add some fast attack forces to your force with a set of Outriders. The box set retails for $60 and features 3 miniatures that are push-fit! There’s also a Primaris Space Marines Transfer Sheet included.


Orktober is over but you can pre-order Ghazghkull Thraka is now available for pre-order. The figure previously only available in a limited box set retails for $65 and features Ghazghkull Thraka and Makari!

Ghazghkull Thraka

And GW is making it easier to get a grip and paint those new figures. An upgraded Citadel Colour Painting Handle is now avaible for $12.50. It features an extended grip to make it easier to hold.

Citadel Colour Painting Handle

Black Library has some new releases as well!

Experience a classic tale of Captain Leonatos and his Blood Angels in the full-color update of Bloodquest. Created by Gordon Rennie and Colin MacNeil, it retails for $30.

Bloodquest Vol. 1

Deathwatch: The Long Vigil retails for $27 in hardback and is an all-action tales of alien-killing from a variety of authors in an anthology that showcases the Deathwatch at their very best.

Stories include:

  • Messiah Complex by Steve Parker
  • The Shadow of the Saints by Ben Counter
  • The Crueltymaker’s Kingdom by Marc Collins
  • The Nihilus Edge by Justin D. Hill
  • Sorrowcrown by Nicholas Wolf
  • Awakened by Sarah Cawkwell
  • Brother to Dishonour by David Guymer
  • The Last Word by Phil Kelly
  • Entombed by Andy Clark
Deathwatch: The Long Vigil

Darkness in the Blood retails for $27 in the hardback version focuses on rebuilding a broken empire after the Devastation of Baal. It’s written by Guy Haley.

Darkness in the Blood

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