Squats are back for Warhammer 40K as Leagues of Votann

Squats are back… seriously. Yesterday, Games Workshop released a video that quite a few thought was a prank considering the day. But, it looks like the joke was really it’s not a joke. The video which teased the return of the classic Squat army is real, though they’re back as Leagues of Votann.

Games Workshop has been teasing the return of the Squats for quite some time releasing figures for Necromunda and Blackstone Fortress but we’ll be getting a whole army with a brand new look.

Leagues of Votann refer to themselves as Kin and they have their roots in humanity creating an uneasy relationship with the Imperium of Man. They came out of the Age of Strife with more of their ancient technology intact including some that the Imperium would consider “extremely heretical”.

The look of the initial figure is quite different from the classic style which had much more of a biker gang and pirate vibe to the force.

This new faction is coming later this year to the 41st Millennium.

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