Star Realms Tech Releases on Digital this Week

Wise Wizard Games is releasing the High Alert Tech expansion on Star Realms Digital tomorrow morning! Tech features the new Tech card type, which comes straight into play when acquired and gives you a permanent ability you can activate once per turn with trade!

This is a breaking update, so please finish any games that you have underway today. This update includes lots of other cool stuff including: 

  • Improvements in the online lobby and new game screen layout
  • We have added a new Community Feed feature, where notable events by players are posted. There is a checkbox in Settings  if you prefer to only see your favorite players in your feed (instead of everyone). 
  • We added the “Attack” button that was first introduced in Hero Realms
  • We added the ability to select whether a challenge is for fun or for a tournament so that players can more easily manage their incoming challenges while playing in tournaments. 

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