Syrinscape’s Official Starfinder RPG Soundtrack

Syrinscape has announced the line-up of activities for Gen Con 50 (August 17 – 20, Indianapolis), including the historic launch of the official sounds of Starfinder, the first RPG to launch with a complete audio companion (sold separately).

Players traveling to the stars can immerse themselves with the sounds of key Starfinder locations, more than a dozen starships, 50+ different types of weapons, entering and exiting the drift, dramatic music for combat, docking bays, weird alien planets and more. Fans who purchase the Starfinder Core Rulebook, either at Gen Con or from, will receive a free Docking Bay 94 SoundSet. Additional sounds of Starfinder are available as individual SoundPacks, or as part of Syrinscape’s SuperSyrin or Sci-Fi subscription packages. SuperSyrin subscribers with access to the SoundSet Creator will also be able to choose from a palette of sounds to customize their own starships.

All around the Gen Con, Syrinscape will be bringing live RPG events to life with epic sound and music, including the legendary 1200-player Friday and Saturday night Pathfinder Specials in the Sagamore Ballroom, Glass Cannon Podcast, Maze Arcana’s Live Games and Seminars. Join Syrinscape creator Benjamin Loomes as he hosts Music & Ambiance in Gaming in the Paizo Seminar Room on Sunday.

Further, visitors to the Syrinscape sound cave (booth # 343) will have their voices transformed and immortalized as the insanity-inducing cacophony that is Lovecraft’s Shoggoth.

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