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Z-Man Games as Acquired the Rights from Alderac Entertainment Group to Publish Love Letter

Z-Man Games is pleased to announce its acquisition of the popular game Love Letter from Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG). Along with distributing remaining inventory, Z-Man will reprint current versions of the game players know and love, including the original English version of the game and the premium edition.

Designed by Seiji Kanai, Love Letter is a quick and elegant game of deduction in which players compete for the favor of the Princess. From the original game to Lovecraft Letter, a horror version set in the world of H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu mythos, any player can find something to love about Love Letter. Other versions include Lord of the Rings, Batman, Adventure Time, Munchkin, and more.

Alderac Entertainment’s Edge of Darkness has Launched on Kickstarter!

This week Alderac Entertainment launched Edge of Darkness on Kickstarter and it was EPIC!

The funding goal of $50,000 was smashed in about 35 minutes. The velocity of the pledges was so high that they crossed $100,000 by mid-afternoon, and by the end of the day they had achieved the $150,000 milestone. Over 1,500 people backed the campaign on the first day.

The campaign reached several Stretch Goals on the first day, upgrading and expanding the Guildmaster Reward:

  • Right off the bat, an unlocked the Solo Play system which will allow you to play by yourself against one or two automated opponents using special cards and other components.
  • Next up they upgraded the Coins to plastic engraved/embossed pieces.
  • Then they upgraded the Reputation tokens to plastic engraved/embossed pieces.
  • Then they upgraded the Influence tokens to plastic engraved/embossed pieces.
  • Then they transformed the Agent tokens into 3D Figures, complete with snap-on bases to identity those which have been trained and are ready for use!
  • Finally they added the first new Location + Advancements: The Riverside Playhouse with the Investor in the Arts Contact and the Demon of Temptation Threat!

In addition to all the excitement they also received some useful feedback from folks who didn’t think the Agent Reward was enough value for its $60 price. Alderac listened to that feedback, and they spent the evening refining our calculations to see what else we could squeeze into that Reward. We’re already delivering a lot of value for this Reward but we decided that we could do better!

Alderac has announced that they’re adding the following to the Agent Reward. Everyone who backed the Agent Reward will automatically get these additions and they’ll be a part of the Reward going forward. Kickstarter does not allow them to alter the Reward text on the campaign but they’ll be changing the Reward graphic to reflect the additions.

  • The Solo Play system will be added.
  • They’re going to add the Top and Bottom Advancement Extension boards which provide more structure on the tabletop for managing the components during the game.
  • A few future Stretch Goals will also be included. They’re not announcing these yet; when the Stretch Goals to be included with the Agent Reward are revealed they’ll identify them.

AEG’s Announces Their Annual Black Friday Sale

aeg-logo-bigAlderac Entertainment has announced what you can expect from them this Black Friday. Starting 12am on November 27th, look out for these great deals on their online store through their Black Friday Deals portal:

  • Free shipping on domestic orders over $75 – use coupon code “blacker” at checkout
  • Free random card or board game with every order containing at least 1 card or board game
  • Free L5R Clan Dice and dice bag with every order containing at least 1 L5R RPG Book
  • Free L5R Deck Backers and double Box of Greed with every order containing any L5R CCG product
  • 3 for 2 Specials
    Select Doomtown Saddlebags
    Select L5R RPG Books
  • L5R CCG Evil Portents Booster Display – $20.00
  • Doorbuster Deals up to 50% off MSRP (VERY limited supply)
  • Doomtown Collection – $324.90 > $162.90
    Doomtown: Premium Edition
    Doomtown: Reloaded
    All the Saddlebags up to Nightmare at Noon
    Faith & Fear
    Immovable Object, Unstoppable Force
    The Light Shineth
  • Smash Up Collection – $204.91 > $102.45
    Smash Up
    Smash Up: Munchkin
    The Big Geeky Box
    Awesome Level 9000
    The Obligatory Cthulhu Set
    Science Fiction Double Feature
    Monster Smash
    Pretty Pretty Smash Up
  • L5R RPG Collection – $609.85 > $302.45
    4th Edition Core Book
    Atlas of Rokugan
    Book of Water
    Book of Earth
    Book of Air
    Book of Fire
    Book of Void
    Imperial Histories
    Imperial Histories 2
    Naishou Province
    Secrets of the Empire
    Enemies of the Empire
    Emerald Empire
    The Great Clans
    Sword and Fan
  • Love Letter Bundle $74.93 > $48.70
    Love Letter: Tempest Edition
    Love Letter: L5R Edition
    Love Letter: Kanai Factory Edition
    Munchkin: Loot Letter
    Love Letter: Batman Edition
    Love Letter: The Hobbit Edition
    Love Letter: Adventure Time Edition
  • Lost Legacy Bundle $49.96 > $32.47
    Lost Legacy: Starship
    Lost Legacy: Flying Garden
    Lost Legacy: 2nd Chronicle
    Lost Legacy: 3rd Chronicle
    Lost Legacy: Orb of Prophecy (Promo)
  • Destination Fun Bundle $185.95 > $120.86
    Trains: Rising Sun
    Trains Map Packs 1 & 2
  • Distant Lands Bundle $189.94 > $123.46
    Istanbul: Mocha & Baksheesh
    Valley of the Kings
    Valley of the Kings: Afterlife

Fantasy Flight Nabs Legends of the Five Rings from AEG

Fantasy Flight GamesWe didn’t see this one comic. Alderac Entertainment Group (AEG) and Fantasy Flight Games have come to a deal where Fantasy Flight will purchase Legend of the Five Rings from AEG.

L5R has been a popular game for two decades, and their events at Gen Con are always packed, so the deal is a bit of a shocker to me. Fantasy Flight has said it expects its first product for the relaunch will be for Gen Con 2017, and the game will be a Living Card Game (LCG) instead of a collectible card game (CCG).

AEG has cited their focus on other things beyond the CCG as a reason for the deal. Fantasy Flight does have a history with the property, and I’d expect to see it in more than just an LCG.

The current incarnation of the Legend of the Five Rings CCG will be complete with the release of the Evil Portents expansion from AEG. After that release, the game will go on hiatus until FFG relaunches it.

For players unfamiliar with the LCG model, a Living Card Game offers regular, non-randomized releases that include full playsets of every card. In its new form, Legend of the Five Rings will use this release format, rather than “blind” boosters that contain randomly assigned rare, uncommon, and common cards. Instead of spending their time chasing hard-to-find cards, the LCG distribution model allows players to focus on building decks by buying a single expansion that includes a full playset of every card in that expansion.

This will also see significant design changes in the newest version, including a new mechanical design.

(via Bell of Lost Souls, Tabletop Game News, Fantasy Flight)

Rumpelstiltskin & Doomtown: No Turning Back Now Available from AEG

Alderac Entertainment has announced that you can now purchase Rumplestiltskin and Saddlebag 5: No Turning Back:


If I want to win our game, I first must guess your true name!

In Rumpelstiltskin, you and a friend take the roles of fey folk who have decided to engage in a name guessing contest. You must use your magical mischief to learn your opponent’s secret name while protecting your own!

Players take turns going back and forth. To take a turn, you play one card from your hand, perform its actions, and then put it in your discard pile. Then the next player takes their turn. Some cards let you try to win the game by guessing your opponent’s secret name. At that point you guess what your opponent’s secret name is (the card on the bottom of their deck). Your opponent may use a reaction, but then must tell you if you guessed right or wrong. If you guessed correctly, you win! If the card you guessed is not on the bottom of your opponent’s deck, play continues.

DT_SB5_HR-e1432570440741Doomtown – Saddlebag – No Turning Back

There is no turning back!

The verdict is in, and it’s sure to cause trouble! Will there be a rescue attempt? Will it be in time? Meanwhile, Lillian Morgan has a surprise for Max Baine that he isn’t likely to forget.

Doomtown: Reloaded is a fast paced expandable card game set in the Deadlands universe of gun slingin’, spell slingin’ and mud-slingin’!

No Turning Back is Doomtown: Reloaded’s fifth Saddlebag Expansion. Featuring a complete playset of cards, No Turning Back expands your options for takin’ over Gomorra, no matter your play style.

This product is an expansion, the base game is required to play.





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