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Dissident Whispers, 58 RPG Adventures to Support Black Lives Matters

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Dissident Whispers

90 authors, designers, editors, and illustrators have come together for Dissident Whispers, a two-page RPG adventure anthology. The book features 58 two-page roleplaying game adventures from a diverse group of creators from around the world, all to support the Black Lives Matter movement.

All proceeds will go directly towards the National Bail Fund Network.

You can order it now through Tuesday Knight Games and it retails for $30. Physical copies are expected to ship in early July, though PDFs will be sent immediately.

Delve into mythic underworlds, shiver through haunted space ships, schmooze with high society. You’ll never go unequipped for game night with this eclectic host of adventures in hand.

Adventures for Mothership, MÖRK BORG, Trophy Gold, Troika!, Electric Bastionland, Dungeon Crawl Classics, The Ultraviolet Grasslands, The Black Hack, Mausritter, B/X, 5e, and many System Agnostic scenarios.

Dissident Whispers features a cover by Jabari Weathers and an introduction by Laura Simpson.

The anthology features work by Abigail Lalonde, Adam Bell, Adam Umak, Alan Gerding, Aled Lawlor, Anthony Franchini, Anthony Ronda, Benjamin Foster, Benjamin Wenham, Bob Holt, Chris McDowall, Brian Maikisch, Dave Sokolowski, David Cowan, David Hoskins, David Koslow, David Lombardo, David Wilkie, Derek Kinsman, Doug Kovacs, E. K. Hill, Ed Lynden-Bell, Élina Leblanc, Emanoel Melo, Evlyn Moreau, Fiona Mcloughlin, Flora van den Berg, Ford T. Miller, Grant K., Gwen Howard, @haunted_idol, Hazardousfish, Horatio Hellsing, Ian Yusem, Irvin Harvey III, Izzy B, Jacob Butcher, James Holloway, James Millichamp, James Mosingo, Jamie Montgomery, Jarrett Crader, JC Franco, Jeremy Childrey, Jerry LeNeave, joey richards, Johan Nohr, junkgolem, Kat Welsford, Lex Smirnow, Liam Stevens, Lon Prater, Louis Puster III, Luke Gearing, Madeleine Ember, Matt Umland, Matthew Getch, Matthew Johnson, Max Verbludenko, Melissa Chaplin, Michael Harmon, Mill Wistman, Milt Wistman, Natalie Ash, Pablo Dapena, Patrick Farrell, Peter Rudin-Burgess, RaeRae, Reece Carter, Ribston Pippin, Rolland, Roque Romero, Sam Zeigler, Sasha De’ath, Sashah Li, Scott Wegener, Sean McCoy, Sean Murphy, Vi Huntsman, vil, Wayne Snyder, and Zac Bir.

Anima Press launches Mew-Tants! A RPG where you play as a cat with mutant powers.

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Anima Press is proud to announce the launch date of it’s first RPG Mew-Tants! Mew-Tants will be available from Friday the 19th of June 2020.

Designed by Anima Press founder Aled Lawlor, Mew-Tants! is a rules-lite, indie rpg zine that uses a simple d6 system where everyone is a cat. Not just a normal cat, but a cat with a unique mutant superpower that ranges from tele-cat-nesis to laser pointer eyes to cat-ortionism. 

Players will explore their neighbourhoods, rescue stranded kittens and take down fearsome were-woofs in this game designed for 2-5 players and a games master. Anything is possible, except for things requiring thumbs, you are still a cat. 

Mew-Tants! is presented in a gorgeous A5, 24 page, risograph printed, 120 GSM, saddle-stitched zine format. This contains all the rules needed to play as well as a short adventure ‘The Catnapping.’ Will your team of mutant cats find the missing Kitty Foo-Foo and bring the culprit to justice?  Ideal for one shots but able to carry longer adventures, Mew-Tants is a purr-fect addition to any cat lovers RPG collection. 

Mew-Tants was successfully funded at over 200% on Kickstarter and has been fully fulfilled to the early backers. The RPG will be available to the public in both print and PDF from Friday the 19th of June. You can pick up a physical copy and digital copies will be available from Anima Press, Itch.io, and DriveThru RPG.

Mew-Tants is the first in a planned series of animal-based RPGs, with the next planned game Were-Woofs being set within the same universe but have players take control of a muttley group of doggos. All of the games will be cross-compatible in respect to rules and adventures you can play together.