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Aliens: Bug Hunt Invades Stores

ALIENS: Bug Hunt

Upper Deck has announced the release of ALIENS: Bug Hunt, an all-new cooperative die-rolling combat card game designed for one to four players. The new game includes 125 cards featuring all original art, 30 custom dice, four USCM miniatures, 57 tokens, 30 location tiles, four player boards, one missions order, four player dossier rule books, one dossier envelope and a game board.

Players control a squad of Colonial Marines and work together to take down waves of Aliens. Fans can play as their favorite characters from the movie franchise, and each one has their own unique ability. Players work together to fight the terrifying Xenomorphs by completing missions and evacuating the infested complex before the Xenomorphs converge. Every role is critical as players rely on each other for cover and to make it out alive.

ALIENS: Bug Hunt

The game uses a shuffled stack of location tiles, which adds an element of surprise for the players who don’t know what they are heading into. The tiles also allow for much more interesting replays, since the complex is never the same layout twice.

To celebrate the launch, Upper Deck is giving away a free Grunt alternate art card with purchase of the Aliens: Bug Hunt game (SRP $39.99), available exclusively on the Upper Deck store while supplies last.

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