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Fantasy Flight Games Announces a Revised Core Set for Android: Netrunner The Card Game

In the not-too-distant future Android is getting a new Revised Core Set for Android: Netrunner The Card Game.

The new set will feature more than 240 cards taking you to a world of megacities, articially intelligent bioroids, and genetically modified clones, among other things.

If you’ve never played Netrunner, this new set will offer you a chance to boot up and jack into the popular card game. The set adjusts the base card pool, altering the battlefield, and aging your favorite characters.

The game pits two players against each other in a game of asymmetrical bluffs, counterbluffs, and economic struggles. You command a vast, monolithic megacorporation and its limitless resources, while the other person is a cybercriminal called a “runner” whose goal is to bypass your defenses and unlock your secrets. The goal is to score sevent points. The corps score points by advancing its agendas while the runner attempts to steal the agendas.

The Revised Core Set features 247 cards, 133 Corp cards and 114 Runner cards and it’s divided among the seven standard factions.

The Revised Core Set will NOT be legal at the World Championship in November.

Fantasy Flight Announces Their 2015 Store Championships

FFG-Logo-BlueFantasy Flight Games has announced Store Championships, the first major tournament season of their 2015 Organized Play schedule. Stores have until October 3rd to apply to take part and host games.

The 2015 Store Championship season will run for three months, starting January 1st through March 31st. This allows stores more flexibility in their scheduling, and also gives players a chance to play in larger local events.

Store Championships began in 2014 as part of Fantasy Flight Game’s Organized Play Program. They use the same structure as events such as Regional, National, and World Championships. And brought a competitive level to local events, allowing players to vie for the title of Store Champion. The winners of each event receive one bye at a Regional Championship of their choice. Players that finish high enough also receive a playmat, set of tokens, or other prices depending on their standing. The top 32 players will each receive an alternate art card.

Each store that is approved to host a Store Championship will have the opportunity to purchase an event kit containing prizes and support for hosting their event. Check out the links below to see what those kits are and get more information on each game.

Players who want to take part should encourage their store to apply! These exclusive items and alternate art cards in the kits are only available for the 2015 Store Championships.

For stores interested, applications close October 3rd at 23:59 CST.