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White Wizard Games’ Epic Digital App Launches for Free on February 18

Epic Card Game Digital app

White Wizard Games has announced that on Tuesday, February 18, 2020, they will be rolling out the much anticipated Epic Card Game Digital app! And it will be FREE!

Epic Digital is a fast-paced card game of fantasy combat designed by Hall of Fame Magic players Rob Dougherty and Darwin Kastle. The App will feature multiple ways to experience the game such as Single Player Campaign Mode, Online Real-time Play vs. other players, Dark Draft, Constructed, Limited and Ranked Heads-up Games. We are welcoming players new and old to come battle with the four factions Good, Evil, Sage, and Wild. Which will you choose?

Casual play in Epic Digital, including owning unlimited copies of every card in the game, will be COMPLETELY FREE!

  • No cost to download the app.
  • No cost to get new sets.
  • No cost or restrictions on online or offline casual play.
  • Every player will have every card in the game and be able to build any deck, any time.

Players will be able to play the campaign, play games vs the AI, and even play unlimited Sealed, Draft, and Constructed online games ALL FOR FREE! The only things players pay for are cosmetics (like digital foils), extras (like extra deck slots) and competitive play (like Arena and Tournaments). 

Epic Card Game Digital app

Czech Games Launches an App for Letter Jam

Letter Jam

Have you wondered what the codes on the cards in Letter Jam are for? Would you like to add mystery and surprise to your game? Czech Games Edition has you covered with a new app available for iOS and Android.

The game companion app works as a scanner for Letter Jam cards. It prepares a secret word for every player around the table without anyone knowing any of the words! Once the game is over, the app reveals which words were chosen for each player.

The app is available in English, Czech, and German.

If you don’t own the physical game, the app is a reference to give you a better idea of how the game works.

Wizards of the Coast Announces: Magic: The Gathering Portal

Magic: The GatheringIn 2018, Magic: The Gathering is getting an all-in-one companion app that will track life and counters, managing and inviting friends to home tournaments, look up rules, and more.

The free app will be available in iOS and Android in every language Magic publishes.

The app will:

  • Create, manage, and track home tournaments complete with pairings, invitations for friends, brackets, and playgroup stats. Set up a tournament, invite friends, and keep track of the results. All from your phone.
  • Look up card information on the fly, including searchable rules databases for card rulings, keywords, and mechanics, all streamlined for showing your friends.
  • Keep track of life totals as well as wins and losses across multiple devices to show just how you stack up against your friends.
  • Stay up-to-date on Magic news with a customizable hub. You can focus your feed to read just about what you want—whether that’s news from the very people who make the game, updates to the official Magic story, or results from the latest Pro Tour.
  • Keep in touch with your playgroup through social linking that lets you invite friends to events, simultaneously track life totals, and manage a friend list.
  • Learn more about Magic through access to video tutorials, glossaries, and rule lookups. New players can learn together, and experienced players can settle rules disputes with a flip of their phone.

Citadel’s Paint App Gets a Date and Contest

Games Workshop has announced that their Citadel Paint App will launch September 16th. The app is FREE and is a companion app to help modelers as they put together their armies.

To celebrate, Games Workshop is running a contest for the launch. Five early downloaders will get a free set of every single base, shade, and layer paint in the Citadel range. That’s over 100 paints!

The earlier you download it the better chance you have to win. Every day after the it launches, one lucky person will win the paint range. The first draw will be on Monday the 18th, continuing all week with the final draw on Friday the 22nd – so the earlier you download, the better your odds are of winning.


Citadel Paint System in Your Pocket

At NOVA Open, Games Workshop teased more details about their upcoming app that will bring their paint system on the go. They will be launching a free pocket guide to the Citadel Paint System – packed with guides, tips and tricks to help you get your armies looking awesome.

More news about this app are coming soon including the launch date.

The Citadel Paint System in Your Pocket?

Games Workshop has really been emphasizing their paints and painting over the recent years with lots of tutorials and guides to help modelers in their hobby.

The game company is taking a new step in that this September when they launch a new app “designed to help you paint like a pro.”

While details are scarce, they promise that it’s geared towards those just starting out as well as veterans and is a “handy pocket reference guide.”

The app will be free and be like have a Duncan in your pocket.