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Atomic Mass Games Reveals She-Hulk and NYC Construction Site Terrain for Marvel: Crisis Protocol

Atomic Mass Games rounded out their Gen Con Online reveals today with the debut of She-Hulk as well as a new terrain set, the NYC Construction Site bearing the name of Wilson Fisk, aka Kingpin!

The game publisher has revealed a lot over this online event from the addition of the X-Men to the game as well as Punisher, Taskmaster, Daredevil, Bullseye, and Kingpin. During one of their streams, Angela was also shown off. A lot to look forward to in the coming months!

Daredevil, Kingpin, and Bullseye are Teased for Marvel: Crisis Protocol

Atomic Mass Games is keeping them coming with three more teasers of upcoming releases for Marvel: Crisis Protocol. Daredevil, Kingpin, and Bullseye have been revealed already as coming but these are the first teasers of the miniatures. The Kingpin sports a fantastic detail on the base which has us excited to see more.

After the X-Men reveal yesterday, Punisher and Taskmaster have also been revealed today. We were left with 8 unknown figures to be seen and with these three, we still have five more to go. We’ll have a new post when the figures are fully revealed.

Atomic Mass Games Reveals the Punisher and Taskmaster for Marvel: Crisis Protocol

With virtual Gen Con underway, Atomic Mass Games has been revealing what’s coming to the shelves in the coming months. Yesterday, the game publisher reveals the X-Men for Marvel: Crisis Protocol. Today, there’s two more images released, one of the Punisher and the other of Taskmaster!

Check out below for the two upcoming additions to the miniature game!

  • Marvel: Crisis Protocol Taskmaster
Marvel: Crisis Protocol  the Punisher

Atomic Mass Games Drops an Official Look at the X-Men for Marvel: Crisis Protocol With Hints at 8 More Releases

After their reveal video, Atomic Mass Games have released a better look at the first wave of X-Men releases for Marvel: Crisis Protocol. In the initial launch are Cyclops, Storm, Beast, and Wolverine for the X-Men and Magneto, Mystique, Toad, and Sabretooth for the Evil Brotherhood. There was also a tease of Deadpool coming to the game. Check out the official photos of the figures below as well as a teaser video.

The initial wave of X-Men figures will be released as the usual miniature packs. Wolverine will be with Sabretooth, Cyclops with Storm, Beast with Mystique, and Magneto with Toad.

On the Atomic Mass page for what’s going on during Gen Con Online, the game publisher has 8 slots teasing what’s still to come. Guesses as to who we’ll see?

Atomic Mass Games Announces X-Men for Marvel: Crisis Protocol

Since the game launched, there’s been a push by fans to introduce the X-Men into Atomic Mass GamesMarvel: Crisis Protocol. In the lead up to the first-ever virtual Gen Con, the game company has announced that indeed the X-Men are coming!

The X-Men are kicking off the second year of the game. Cyclops, Wolverine, Storm, and Beast vs. Magneto, Toad, Sabretooth, and Mystique are the lead releases! The figures will be released in packs, not a starter. Plus, a Deadpool teaser!

The reason for no new core back is because the X-Men were planned as part of the core game. They aren’t a standalone thing and are being introduced like any character.

The characters will be coming out later this year and there is more X-Men coming that will be released along with other characters. But, with the need for other releases, there will be a gap between the first wave of X-Men and what comes after.

X-Men are Coming to Marvel: Crisis Protocol

Atomic Mass Games has gotten a lot of requests to add members of the X-Men to their Marvel: Crisis Protocol miniature game.

It looks like that might be exactly what’s happening.

With an announcement on July 29 (which would be timed for the canceled and now virtual Gen Con) the game publisher is announcing… something.

Speculation is that a new starter set would be announced featuring the X-Men and villains. The announcement a big shock as the company’s already revealed releases are coming to an end leaving a large unknown after.

So, start speculating! What would you like to see with the X-Men?

Atomic Mass Games Reveals a Good Look at the Green Goblin

Norman Osborn, aka the Green Goblin, is going to be riding his Goblin Glider into Marvel: Crisis Protocol.

The figure is a highly anticipated villain and it’ll be interesting to see what other rogues we get from that corner of the Marvel Universe. Currently, Doctor Octopus and Venom have been released. Also coming soon are Miles Morales Spider-Man and Gwen Stacy aka Ghost-Spider.

Prepare to throw, or dodge, some pumpkin bombs!

Green Goblin

Atomic Mass Games Shows Off Ant-Man for Marvel: Crisis Protocol

Atomic Mass Games has been teasing upcoming releases for Marvel: Crisis Protocol and we now have a look at Ant-Man! Like The Wasp, Ant-Man has two different sizes for you to play with, and has us hoping for a “Giant Man” version down the road.

The release of these two figures introduces the “Transform” rule which covers figures which can change form/shape, or size.

Check out the two Ant-Man figures below as well as the new rule:

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