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Knight Models reveals new Batman Miniature Game releases for Black Knight Week!

Knight ModelsBlack Knight Week runs until 11:59 PM CET on Tuesday November 28 and they’ve got some new releases for the Batman Miniature Game to kick things off. That includes up to 40% off the Batman Miniature Game catalog and up to 60% off the DC Multiverse Miniature Game catalog

Amanda Waller’s Command Team features Amanda Waller, Rick Flag, Economos, and Emilia Harcourt. Get this group of specialists who oversees the investigation of people with powers, Flag to oversee the Suicide Squad, and Waller to rule them all.

Amanda Waller’s Command Team

It’s Batman Forever with Two-Face & Riddler. This duo are based on the film. Have them join forces to take on Batman and stop all of his actions once and for all.

Two-Face & Riddler Batman Forever

There’s a new Harley Quinn mini! Harley Quinn & her Hyenas features her and her hyenas Bud and Lou. Take to the streets and have some fun!

Harley Quinn & her Hyenas

Batman, Gotham City Knight is a new miniature design for the Dark Knight. This model is a skin for all miniatures with the alias “Batman” and name “Bruce Wayne” that use a 40mm base.

Batman, Gotham City Knight

There’s a new centerpiece for your game with Gotham Queens: Poison Ivy. The queen of nature finally claims her throne. She, along with her beloved plants, will be the owner of the city of Gotham, turning it into a paradise for nature. This miniature is a skin for all miniatures with the alias “Poison Ivy”.

Gotham Queens: Poison Ivy

Rule over Gotham with Gotham Kings: Ra’s al Ghul. The leader of the League of Assassins now becomes king! The demon’s head has had centuries to prepare for this moment. Now he has become the king of Gotham City and will control the streets alongside his army of assassins. This miniature is a skin for all miniatures with the alias “Ra’s al Ghul”.

Gotham Kings: Ra’s al Ghul

Maybe the mob is more your thing? Get Gotham Kings: Falcone. The mafia has appeared! Falcone is one of the most powerful characters in Gotham City. He acts in the shadows controlling the streets. Besides, he has infiltrators in the police and even deals with the leaders of the city. Behind his reign there is corruption, delinquency and crimes that Batman will have to stop if he does not want to see the Gotham city controlled by Falcone. This miniature is a skin for all miniatures with the alias “Carmine Falcone” o “The Roman”.

Gotham Kings: Falcone

The Royal Flush Gang has charisma, techniques, and aptitudes to be difficult adversaries to defeat. Their code names will give you a clue as to their position in the crew and what you can expect from each of them. This is a new crew for Batman Miniature Game and contains all the necessary elements to start playing with it.

The Royal Flush Gang

Royal Flush Gang deck of cards. Enjoy the Royal Flush Crew Objective Deck! In this deck you can find an explanatory card and the objectives of the crew, which will give you a totally unique gaming experience.

Royal Flush Crew Objective Deck

New Batman Miniature Games include classic Riddler and Penguin, Clownhunter, Spoiler, and Huntress, Batman: High Seas, and more!

Knight Models has revealed four new releases for the Batman Miniature Game. The releases are an eclectic mix spanning many different eras of Batman. Check out all of the releases below!

The nightmares are back! Scarecrow’s nightmares will help him create absolute terror in the minds of all those who cross their dark path.

Scarecrow Little Nightmares features 4 detailed figures and 4 bases.

Scarecrow Little Nightmares

Clownhunter, Spoiler, and Huntress are Gotham City vigilantes. They have different styles but a very clear objective, to deliver justice and destroy their enemies.

Unveiling the Truth features the three figures along with 3 bases.

  • Unveiling the Truth
  • Unveiling the Truth - Spoiler
  • Unveiling the Truth - Huntress
  • Unveiling the Truth - Clownhunter

Batman as a pirate of the High Seas. Batman: High Seas is a version adapted to pirate fables in a story that takes place in the Golden Age of Piracy.

Batman: High Seas

The Penguin and Riddler are within the criminal organization The United Underworld where it is said that the Penguin acts as a leader and the Riddler provides the knowledge necessary to carry out their plans. From this organization they try to stop the dynamic duo of Batman and Robin.

This duo is based on the classic Batman 66 television series and features 2 figures with bases.

  • Batman 66 Penguin and Riddler
  • Batman 66 Riddler
  • Batman 66 Penguin

1997’s Batman & Robin and Kid Flash come to Knight Models’ Batman Miniature Game

Knight Models has revealed a trio of releases for the Batman Miniature Game. Two are based on the 1997 film Batman & Robin while the third is a classic speedster. Check out below what you can get now!

The dynamic duo is back! George Clooney’s Batman and Chris O’donnell’s Robin make a perfect combo to eliminate evil from the streets of Gotham City with that touch of nostalgia and darkness that the Batman & Robin movie offers us.

Batman & Robin 1997

Uma Thurman’s Poison Ivy was iconic in Batman & Robin and Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Mr. Freeze had a heart of ice! Now you can get them together in this awesome pack and add them to your BMG crew!

Poison Ivy & Mr. Freeze 1997

Kid Flash is Wallace “Wally” West. The Flash’s sidekick and disciple. Barry Allen accepted him as his apprentice when Wally developed his speed force and they became great friends. Thanks to Barry’s help, Wally West was able to develop superhuman stamina and abilities to which he has given his personal touch.

Kid Flash

Batman… Returns… to Batman Miniature Game!

Knight Models has revealed a wave of new releases with a focus on the classic film Batman Returns!

Micheal Keaton gets center stage with a new miniature based on his portrayal of Batman in Batman Returns. This gloomy and serious Batman is Tim Burton’s vision with a take that features a man of few words.

Batman Returns Batman

The film saw numerous foes including Catwoman played by Michelle Pfeiffer. This great performance gave us a dangerous take on the character ready to crack a whip at her enemies.

Batman Returns Catwoman

Danny Devito delivered a memorable performance as Oswald Cobblepot, aka the Penguin. In it, he ran for Mayor of Gotham but from the shadows he ruled a gang terrorizing the city.

Batman Returns Penguin

Finally, not from the film, is the Suicide Squad which features Deadshot, Harley Quinn, Captain Boomerang, Killer Croc, Katana, Diablo, and Slipknot.

Suicide Squad

New heroes, villains, and more for Batman Miniature Game in May

Gotham City will receive several visitors this month, among them the most notorious outlaw of the Bat-family and the “daughter” of the supervillain who broke the Bat.


In the DC Universe, few characters are as divisive as Red Hood. He’s not a traditional hero, nor is he a villain. Instead, he occupies a gray area, using his skills and his willingness to break the rules to fight crime in his own way. And, whether you love him or hate him, there’s no denying that he’s one of the most interesting characters in the DC universe.



Vengeance, like father, like daughter, arrives at Batman Miniature Game full of desire to take revenge (never better said) loaded with muscle and accompanied by a few friends who love protein shakes.



Bird is Bane’s right-hand man. He has a great affinity with birds and is willing to help Bane and his fellow wrestlers to the end.



Ten-Eyed Man is Phillip Reardon, a war veteran who was discharged after a grenade fragment hit him between the eyes. When this misfortune occurred, he returned to civilian life as a security guard, but another incident hit him again.



Bane and his mercenaries will control Gotham City and bring you victory thanks to these themed markers.



Preach the word of your cult leader around Gotham City with these themed markers and gain more followers to conquer the city.


Floronic Man, Soldiers of Fortune, Harvey and Gilda Dent, and Aaron Cash come to Knight Models’ Batman Miniature Game

Knight Models has revealed four new releases for the Batman Miniature Game. There are a few interesting and unexpected releases in this batch keeping the game filled with well-known and rather obscure characters.

Coming soon to the tabletop are…

The Aaron Cash & Quick Response Team features four miniatures ready to deliver justice. They bring a bit of a personal touch ready to use their skills to mete out justice.

Aaron Cash & Quick Response Team

The Soldiers of Fortune Suppression Squad features five miniatures ready to help Bane. The mercenaries are versatile with techniques that complement each other.

Soldiers of Fortune Suppression Squad

Harvey & Gilda Dent is an unexpected release. Harvey is the brilliant attorney who will later become Two-Face. Gilda is a famous sculptor from Gotham. It’s a very different addition to the game and dives into Gotham’s rich history.

Harvey & Gilda Dent

Floronic Man is half plant and half human and obsessed with protecting the plant world. He can be a powerful ally and a terrible enemy. The release features three miniatures to add to your crew.

Floronic Man

The Floronic Man is coming to Knight Models’ Batman Miniature Game

Knight ModelsBatman Miniature Game has been interesting in how deep into the DC Universe it’s willing to dive for figures. The latest reveal is one of the more unexpected, Floronic Man!

The character first appeared as his alter ego Jason Woodrue in The Atom #1 in 1962 and as Floronic Man in The Flash #245. Created by Gil Cane and Gardner Fox, the character is an exile from an interdimensional world inhabited by dryads. The character can control plant growth and has been a member of the Injustice Gang, New Guardians, and Secret Society of Super Villains.

The character has had some interesting history through the years and at one point was responsible for Pamela Isley turning into Poison Ivy and also at one point took care of Swamp Thing.

Floronic Man

Knight Models’ reveals the Gotham Kings Black Friday Limited Exclusives

Knight Models has revealed its Black Friday Limited Exclusive miniatures for the Batman Miniature Game.

Teased for a while, you can get the “Gotham Kings“, which can are skins for iconic crew leaders. The miniatures are only available until November 29th, so you’ll need to hurry!

They are the Kings of Gotham City. What are you waiting for to become one of them?

Choose from Batman, The Joker, Bane, The Penguin, Two-Face, Mr. Freeze, The Riddler, and Carmine Falcone.

You can get them separately or as a discounted bundle for 239,67 €.

Also, if you spend over 150 €, until November 29 you’ll get a free Bruce Wayne exclusive miniature.

Knight Models’ Black Friday Exclusive and New Releases

Knight Models has kicked off its Black Friday deals with exclusive bundles. The bundles include the new edition of the game and you can get a lot of the gangs.

Also revealed are the new pre-orders for the Batman Miniature Game.

Batman Miniature Game: Arkham Asylum Super-Villains features miniatures based on the popular video game. Arkham Asylum holds Gotham’s most dangerous criminals captive. The Joker, Harley Quinn, Two-face, The Penguin, and Scarecrow are some of those locked behind its walls, but their stay in this place will not be peaceful. They will be responsible for unleashing terror inside and outside Arkham Asylum.

The five miniature set goes for 41,28 €.

Batman Miniature Game: Arkham Asylum Super-Villains

The Joker wants the toxin called “Titan” to create an army of monsters to destroy Gotham City. Batman Miniature Game: The Joker (Titan Overdrive) goes for 33,02 €.

Batman Miniature Game: The Joker (Titan Overdrive)

Batman Miniature Game: Bane (Titan Overdrive) also goes for 33,02 €. Bane was Dr. Penelope Young’s guinea pig during her stay at Arkham Asylum and kept him trapped while she removed all the Venom from his body to improve the formula by creating the Titan compound.

Batman Miniature Game: Bane (Titan Overdrive)

Killer Croc was still in Arkham Asylum when Joker set the trap for Batman. Unfortunately, however, Killer Croc had an electric collar that activated at the slightest suspicion of an escape attempt. Even so, he is still looking for a way to escape from Arkham. Batman Miniature Game: Killer Croc (Arkham Asylum patient) retails for 33,02 €.

Batman Miniature Game: Killer Croc (Arkham Asylum patient)

Batman is brainwashed by the words of Deacon Blackfire. Now, Batman will live in a mental prison that will make him see the world according to Blackfire’s words. Batman Miniature Game: Batman (The Cult) is available for 15,66 €.

Batman Miniature Game: Batman (The Cult)

Batman Miniature Game: The Batman on Bike retails for 20,62 €. Batman crosses the streets of Gotham City on his motorcycle to catch up with his enemies as quickly as possible. So get mobile!

Batman Miniature Game: The Batman on Bike
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