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The Big Bang Theory Joins the Batman Miniature Game While Sinestro Corps Strikes Fear Into the DC Universe Miniature Game

Knight Models has five new releases today for their Batman Miniature Game and the DC Universe Miniature Game, some we’ve seen and some are brand new reveals.

A controversial release already, the characters from The Big Bang Theory enter the Batman Miniature Game with the Batman Miniature Game: The Big Bang Theory Justice League Cosplay box set. The set retails for $65.14 and features the characters from the show dressed as DC heroes as they did in an episode. It comes with cards and rules to use the characters in your game.

The box set features all six characters, they also feature alternative heads.

Batman Miniature Game: The Big Bang Theory Justice League Cosplay

A bit more appropriate for the Batman Miniature Game is Calendar Man! The obscure but cult-favorite villain can be yours for $18.99.

Batman Miniature Game: Calendar Man

Top your burger… we mean your gang… off with Condiment King! Yes, Condiment King has arrived for the Batman Miniature Game and the model looks fantastic with so much personality.

Batman Miniature Game: Condiment King

“In blackest day, in brightest night, beware your fears made into light, let those who try to stop what’s right, burn like my power… Sinestro’s might!”

The Sinestro Corps is here to do battle in the DC Universe Miniature Game. With two releases, you can field Sinestro and his Yellow Lanterns.

The DC Miniature Game: Sinestro Corps box set features four figures for $38. You get Romat-Ru, Lyssa Drak (with an alternative head), Bekka, and Arkillo. Also featured are stat cards to play.

But, there’d be no Sinestro Corps without Sinestro! For $28.46 you can add Sinestro: Lord Of Fear to your DC Miniature Game!

Stock up on yellow paint!

Batman Miniature Game adds Deathstroke, new Soldiers of Fortune, Clock King, Gentleman Ghost, and Thomas Wayne Batman

Knight Models has a half dozen new releases for their Batman Miniature Game. The releases are a mix of new sculpts for classic characters as well as quite a few new releases as well.

Check out below for what you can order now from the Knight Models site.

Deathstroke The Terminator

A former soldier, Lieutenant colonel Slade Wilson was selected to be a test subject for an experiment designed to create metahuman supersoldiers. Now, as a mercenary Slade put his skills and abilities to a profitable use being the most lethal man in the world: Deathstroke the Terminator.

In the release, you’ll find one miniature to assemble and paint, 5 equipment cards, 1 objective card, a 60mm base, 1 character card, and 5 weapon assembly options. The miniature retails for $41.27.

Deathstroke The Terminator
Soldiers Of Fortune Reinforces

When mission becomes dangerous and our victory is at stake our reinforcements will be ready to act. No matter what situation we face our army always have the right tool for the job.

The release features 2 miniatures ready to be assembled and painted, 2 30 mm bases, and 2 character cards. The set retails for $24.91.

Soldiers Of Fortune Reinforces
Soldiers Of Fortune Card Pack

Training, discipline… a soldier must be a precise weapon ready to enter the battlefield. Some call us mercs and treat us like cheap meat, but we know we’re soldiers and we’re here to accomplish our mission. The card pack features 10 Character card, 22 Objective cards, and 4 Plot cards. You can order the pack now.

Soldiers Of Fortune Card Pack
Clock King

William Tockman was diagnosed with a terminal medical condition and started a criminal career to get enough money for his sister. This “time’s running out” idea never leaves Tockman mind…

Clock King features 1 miniature to assemble and paint, 1 40 mm base, 1 character card, and 1 objective card. It retails for $18.19.

Clock King
Gentleman Ghost

James “Jim” Craddock grew up 1800’s England being a robber in order to support himself. Killed by a masked cowboy called Nighthawk, he became a ghost not able to move on until his murderer passed away. But it never happens… Nighthawk was reincarnated into Hawkman and Craddock realized that he could be a perfect immortal antagonist.

Gentleman Ghost features 1 miniature for assembly, 1 40 mm base, 1 character card, and 1 objective card. It retails for $18.19.

Gentleman Ghost
Thomas Wayne

When his son Bruce was killed by Joe Chill, a mugger, Thomas’ sanity was shattered. Now he emerges from darkness as Batman to fight criminals with brutal and hard conviction.

Thomas Wayne features 1 miniature to assemble, 1 40 mm base, 1 equipment card, 1 character card, and an alternative weapon assembly option. The miniature retails for $18.19.

Thomas Wayne

You can also get a bundle of all of the new releases for a discounted price of just $113.80.

Knight Models Reveals a New The Batman Who Laughs, The Commissioner, and Psycho-Pirate for Batman Miniature Game

Knight Models has revealed three new miniatures for their Batman Miniature Game. Two are brand new while one is a new sculpt for the third edition of the game. All three are expected to go on sale on May 15.

Psycho-Pirate had a role in writer Tom King’s recent run on Batman. The character has a mask that is able to manipulate emotions.

The Roger Hayden version of the character was created by Gardner Fox and Murphy Anderson debuting in Showcase #56 in June 1965.

Psycho-Pirate is equipped with the Medusa Mask which allows the wearer the power to project emotions onto others.

Psycho-Pirate Batman Miniature Game

The Commissioner is an infected Commissioner James Gordon. Gordon was infected with The Batman Who Laughs’ toxin creating a corrupted version of the character. The Batman Who Laughs infected six heroes, Gordon is one of them. The storyline has been playing out in the newly relaunched Batman/Superman series.

The Commissioner Batman Miniature Game

The final new sculpt is The Batman Who Laughs who not only features his Rabid Robins but also a new corrupted Damian Wayne.

The Batman Who Laughs is one of the best new characters in the DC Universe debuting in The Casting #1 in September 2017. The character was created by Scott Snyder and Greg Capullo.

The Batman Who Laughs comes from the Dark Multiverse on Earth -22. In this reality, Batman kills the Joker but is infected by a Joker Toxin which he’s unable to fight off and becomes a twisted Batman. One with all of the brilliance of Batman/Bruce Wayne but also the sadism and destructive nature of the Joker.

Knight Models Kicks Off the Batman Miniature Game 3rd Edition and More for Black Friday

Knight Models has launched the third edition of their Batman Miniature Game for Black Friday. The company is also running free shipping as well as exclusive miniatures available until December 2nd. Miniatures include a previously released exclusives as well as new miniatures for the Harry Potter Miniature Game and BMG 3rd Edition. The new miniature is Batman as Bane, a pretty impressive figure that goes for $45. That figure along with the new edition will cross the free shipping threshold, a cost-prohibitive addition for many in the past.

Batman Miniature Game: Back to Gotham retails for $170 and includes 16 miniature, markers, scenery, rulebook, quick start guide, 130 cards, and dice. The game company promises faster gameplay, “more lethal,” and that it’s easier to learn.

Gen Con 2019: Knight Models’ Exclusives includes Grifter!

Knight Models‘ exclusives for Gen Con 2019 have leaked online. Though not officially announced yet, this year the miniature company will offer two figures at the show.

For the Batman Miniature Game, Grifter will be released. The character debuted in WildCATS at Image Comics which eventually moved to DC Comics as part of the Wildstorm imprint. The character has created buzz as to whether we’ll be seeing more Wildstorm characters in the future.

For the Harry Potter Miniature Game, Gnarlak from Fantastic Beasts is being released.

Knight Models’ New Releases Includes Teen Titans, Bronze Tiger, Joker Jared Leto, and new Crimes of Grindelwald

Knight Models has revealed their new pre-orders for their Batman Miniature Game and Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game. The pre-orders run until June 1st when they’ll ship.

This month’s release features an online exclusive in Joker Jared Leto & Crew which features six figures and character cards. These are resin versions of the figures that originally came in the Suicide Squad starter box including Joker, The Eyeball Man, Goat Head Priest, Panda Man, and the two Mr. Grins. Retail: $44.95

Joker Jared Leto & Crew

Get the Teen Titans together with the Teen Titans Bat-Box. The box contains Beast Boy, Donna Troy, Donna Troy, Hawk, Raven, Robin, Starfire, Beast Boy also comes as a Gorilla, Hawk, and Tiger. Retail: $89.95

Teen Titans Bat-Box

Take to the battlefield as Bronze Tiger! The figure comes with an optional head and retails for $16.95.

Bronze Tiger

Fans of Harry Potter are getting releases too!

Grindelwald’s Followers features Vinda Rosier, Abernath, and Krall. The miniatures retail for $35.

Grindelwald's Followers

Before Lord Voldemort, it was Gellert Grindelwald who caused hell in the Wizarding World. Add Gellert Grindelwald to your Grindelwald’s Army Affiliation. It also features the game’s first large-format spell with bespoke gaming markers. Retail: $50.95

Gellert Grindelwald

Raised by a No-Maj anti-witchcraft group, the orphan Credence Barebone repressed his magical abilities, allowing a parasitic Obscurus to grow within him. Somehow resisting the creature, Credence became an Obscurial of immense power, making him of immeasurable value in the schemes of Grindelwald. This release features a Credence Barebone miniature which can be included in any Grindelwald’s Army or Magical Creatures group. Retail: $44.95

Credence Barebone

Knight Models Reveals Its Justice League Dark for the Batman and DC Universe Miniature Games

After a teaser yesterday, Knight Models has revealed a brand new starter set for the Batman Miniature Game and DC Universe Miniature Game, Justice League Dark! The starter set features Deadman, Swamp Thing, and Black Orchid, a figure no one was expecting.

In the comics, the Justice League Dark was a team focused more on mystical/demonic threats and has featured numerous characters including Andrew Bennett, Doctor Mist, Frankenstein, John Constantine, Madame Xanadu, The Phantom Stranger, Zatanna, and more. Constantine and Zatanna currently have models and it’s unknown if their cards will be updated to join this affiliation (if it’s a separate affiliation and not just part of the current Justice League one).

This is the debut of Deadman and Black Orchid though Swamp Thing has had a previous release. The team is designated in that they are available to use in both miniature games.

Knight Models Teases Justice League Dark

Knight Models‘ focus is shifting from their Harry Potter miniature board game back to their DC Universe Miniature Game and Batman Miniature Game. The company has posted a teaser hinting at the Justice League Dark, a popular team of magic focused characters in the DC Comics Universe.

Many members of the team have already been released for the miniature games include Constantine, Swamp Thing, and Zantanna, so it’ll be interesting where this teaser may lead.

What and who would you like to see with a Justice League Dark team?

Knight Models’ New Releases Include Harley Quinn, Green Arrow, Raven, and Zur-En-Arrh Batman

Knight Models has revealed all of their new releases for their Batman Miniature Game and DC Universe Miniature Game. There’s some new and some new in resin as well as one promotional figure. Spend over 100 Euros and receive a Zur-En-Arrh Batman.

Available for order are:

Multiverse figures include Harley Quinn Rebirth, Green Arrow, and Raven.

Sinestro, Shazam, Martian Manhunter, Green Lantern, Black Adam, and Aquaman are available for the DC Universe Miniature Game.

The Batman Miniature Game is getting Ra’s Al Ghul & The League of Assassins and Dynamic Duo.

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