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Renegade Games Studio Announces Subastral. Coming to Tabletops this Summer

Renegade Games Studio has announced Subastral, a new game by Matt Riddle and Ben Pinchback with art by Beth Sobel.

Subastral is a card game about hand management, set collection, and the many beautiful and unique biomes of our own Earth. There’s a twist that WHEN you collect a set matters too.

In the game you collect cards that represent your notes on eight different biomes: subtropical desert, savanna, tropical rainforest, chaparral, temperate grassland, temperate forest, taiga, and arctic tundra. Games take just 15-30 minutes and are for 2-5 players.

Subastral comes to tabletops this Summer. The game retails for $20.


Arboretum to be Published by Renegade Game Studios this Autumn

Renegade Game Studios has announced a new edition of the beloved card game, Arboretum, by famed designer, Dan Cassar. With new illustrations from the incredibly talented Beth Sobel, this new edition will available Autumn, 2018.

Originally published in 2015, Arboretum has collected accolades from numerous reviewers. With the original rules system intact, this latest edition of the game will don a similar style of art but with a few changes to types of trees. These modifications will ensure that all the symbols and colors are distinct and color-blind friendly.

Arboretum is a strategic card game that challenges players to create the most beautiful path through the garden. Choosing the correct cards and placing them in the most efficient orientation will score you the most points at the end of the game. With elegantly simple rules, Arboretum offers players surprisingly complex choices.

Fans can find this lovely card game at their friendly local game store this Autumn. It is designed for 2-4 tree enthusiasts ages 8+ and can be enjoyed in about 30 min. The MSRP will be $20.