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Lizard, Kraven, Mysterio, Carnage, Black Cat, and The Amazing Spider-Man are Coming to Marvel Crisis Protocol

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Atomic Mass Games has released a trailer for the Amazing Spider-Man for Marvel: Crisis Protocol. While all of these releases have been spoiled, this is our first look at the upcoming releases.

As part of this wave is a new Spider-Man, the Amazing Spider-Man who comes with Black Cat. Mysterio is paired with Carnage. Finally, the Lizard is in a box with Kraven the Hunter. Also being released is a NYC Apartment Building terrain pack.

The four releases will be out later this year. Check out the video below and images from one of the Marvel: Crisis Protocol groups.

Atomic Mass Games Teases 6 New Miniature for Marvel: Crisis Protocol

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Atomic Mass Games ended 2020 with having released 61 miniatures of Marvel comic characters for the Marvel: Crisis Protocol miniature game.

We already know a lot of what’s coming in 2021 but there’s still a few figures we haven’t gotten a proper look at.

To end 2020 and get us excited for 2021, the game publisher released this image teasing six new characters to look forward to.

Marvel: Crisis Protocol 2021 teaser
From left to right:
Top row: War Machine, Mysterio, Luke Cage
Bottom row: Iron Fist, Falcon/Captain America, Carnage

We also know Moon Knight, She-Hulk, and a new wave of X-Men are all slated for 2021 as well as the delayed release of Enchantress and Angela.