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Asmodee and Ulysses Press Team for Cookbooks based on Catan and Ticket to Ride

Asmodee Entertainment

Asmodee Entertainment has announced a brand partnership with independent publisher Ulysses Press to create and release cookbooks based on the internationally popular and best selling board games CATAN and Ticket to Ride.

Scheduled for publication in Spring and Summer 2023, respectively, the hardcover cookbooks will each feature original recipes, full-color photographs, and beautiful interior layouts. Expanding on the worlds the gamers already know and love, the official CATAN and Ticket to Ride cookbooks will promise to take players on eating expeditions never before experienced.

With fans from around the world, CATAN is available in 40+ languages and has sold more than 40 million units worldwide since it was first published in 1995. Distributed in 40 countries, Ticket to Ride is the world’s best-selling train game.

The official CATAN cookbook (title and cover to be revealed) will be available for pre-order this fall, and both books will be distributed by Simon & Schuster.

Asmodee and Welbeck Publishing Release a Catan Puzzle Book

CATAN Puzzle Book

The timeless world of Catan is waiting for you to explore, build, settle… and solve. The CATAN Puzzle Book is available now!

Since its creation in 1995 by Klaus Teuber, CATAN and its many expansions have sold more than 32 million games around the world, been produced in more than 40 languages, and is sold in more than 70 territories. CATAN is a truly global phenomenon.

Inside the CATAN Puzzle Book are 100 original puzzles based on the wildly popular board game, providing a narrative adventure that allows you to discover the unsettled island of Catan.

Alongside original artworks from CATAN, each puzzle contains its own pleasures, and solving them allows you to win resources. Resources lead to victory points… and victory points lead to success!

The CATAN Puzzle Book from Welbeck Publishing is available now in English. French, German, Spanish, Dutch, Bulgarian, and Czech editions are coming soon!

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Asmodee and Artovision Partner for Art Collectibles


Artovision and Asmodee Entertainment have entered into a licensing partnership to bring several of Asmodee’s fan-favourite properties to life through Artovision’s range of multi-dimensional art collectibles. Properties featured in the deal will include the omnipresent modern classic boardgame CATAN along with Fantasy Flight Games Arkham Horror, Twilight Imperium, KeyForge, and Legend of the Five Rings brands, known for their extensive library of high-quality

The cooperation will see artwork from these beloved properties produced as shadowbox and desktop artwork by the team at Artovision, bringing some of the brands’ most iconic pieces of art to life with a three-dimensional depth never seen before. Artovision’s shadowbox artwork combines four layers of full-colour art, each printed on optical grade
cast acrylic, and assembled within a durable high-quality finished frame to create astonishing visual depth. Artovision’s desktop artwork, meanwhile, combines two highquality printed art layers in a freestanding optical grade acrylic block, perfect for brightening up desktops, bookshelves, TV cabinets or home entertainment system surrounds.

Klaus Teuber’s CATAN is a highly visual and engaging game, known for the compelling art style of its box covers, board and other game components. Developed by Asmodee’s Catan Studio, the modern classic celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2020/21 and enjoys a great and growing audience all over the globe. Having sparked a revolution in modern game design, CATAN is well on track to become the world’s pre-eminent boardgame.

Twilight Imperium is a genre-defining strategy game set against the backdrop of a sweeping, epic space opera with awe-inspiring, epic art to match. The cyber-noir setting of Android sees megacorporations battling for dominance in an AI-enhanced future and is, like Twilight Imperium, KeyForge and Legend of the Five Rings, a product of Asmodee’s renowned Fantasy Flight Games studio. KeyForge is the world’s first Unique Deck Game, known for its deep, immersive melting-pot universe where anything is possible, with stunning card art central to its appeal. The world of Rokugan, home to Legend of the Five Rings, offers an epic fantasy vista and provides the backdrop for a range of beloved tabletop games. The chosen properties stand out as some of the most beautifully illustrated brands to be found anywhere in world, traits which make them a perfect fit for Artovision’s innovate, ultra high-quality shadowbox and desktop artworks.

The first products of this collaboration are due to launch in fall 2020. CATAN, Android, Twilight Imperium, KeyForge, and Legend of the Five Rings will each be the subject of two fantastic shadowbox designs and two more desktop artwork pieces.

Asmodee Announces Modern Classics

Asmodee has announced a new selection of board games called Modern Classics. The selection is pioneering titles that have a lasting legacy on board games and stood the test of time.

These are the games that are essentials for every collection and present a great entry into board gaming as well as musts for gaming fans.

The Modern Classics range kicks off with:

  • Ticket to Ride Europe
  • Catan
  • Carcassonne
  • Dixit
  • Pandemic
  • Splendor

Mayfair Announces Catan Traveler for Summer 2015

Catan_Traveler_English Box_3DWhether you’re on the train, in the ski lodge or picnicking in the woods: Mayfair has announced a compact edition lets you take Catan everywhere!

The space-saving box unfolds to reveal the variable board. Roads, settlements and cities are safe in their locking drawers. Cards are held securely in holder trays. Even the dice, thanks to the practical hex-shaped shaker cannot get dropped and lost.

Catan compact is handy, fits easily into your luggage and contains all of the components and fun the “big” Catan.

The downside? Catan: Traveler is not compatible with any of the Expansions or Extensions in the Catan line of products.

Catan: Traveler – Compact Edition will retail for $45 and is meant for 2-4 players.

The game contents include:

  • 1 folding tough plastic box
  • 6 double-sided plastic game board parts
  • 1 dice shaker
  • 97 plastic game pieces
  • 2 plastic card holders
  • 134 cards

Kicking off the 20th anniversary of Catan with the Catan Rickshaw Run

mayfair-games-logo2015 is the 20th anniversary of Klaus Teuber’s masterpiece: Catan! Mayfair Games, Kosmos Verlag and Catan GmbH have a lot of amazing worldwide activities planned for this historic year and their first offering is the Catan Rickshaw Run!

Join Mayfair Games, Kosmos Verlag and Catan GmbH for the Catan Rickshaw Run! The worldwide festivities kick off April 6 in Jaisalmer, India where a 10-person Catan Team will set out on an epic 2700 km (1677 mile) trek across beautiful and historic northern India. Traveling in four motorized rickshaws, each representing one of the classic Catan player colors, the team will drive for two weeks through Jaipur, Agra, Kanpur, Varanasi, Patna, Siliguri and Guwahati en route to its destination in distant Shillong.

The Catan Team will include four members from Mayfair Games, two from Kosmos Verlag of Stuttgart, Germany and four members from Catan GmbH of Rossdorf, Germany. An international crew, the team is composed of four Americans, five Germans and one French citizen.

And the best part of all- it’s all in support of two great causes: Childaid Network and Cool Earth!

So join us in wishing a safe, speedy and victorious journey to the Catan Team in the 2015 Rickshaw Run!