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Greater Than Games Acquires Cheapass Games

Greater Than Games announced today that it has acquired Cheapass Games

The acquisition of Cheapass Games is the culmination of several years of friendship between the two companies. Cheapass Games has created richly-themed black and white games since its inception in 1996, with the introduction of full-color games, such as Tak, Kill Doctor Lucky, and Unexploded Cows, in later years. 

The Kickstarter campaign for the Cheapass Games in Black and White book, which took place during April 2019, was the first public partnership between Cheapass Games and Greater Than Games. Greater Than Games will be fulfilling the Cheapass Games in Black and White Kickstarter later this year. 

Look for Cheapass Games products in the Greater Than Games booth at these upcoming conventions: UK Games Expo, Origins, Dice Tower, GenCon and PAX Unplugged. 

Coming Soon: Button Men and University Tak from Cheapass Games

Cheapass Games is releasing two new games this month: Button Men and the University Edition of Tak!

Button Men is a strategy dice game about beating people up. Originally released in 1999, Button Men garnered awards, accolades, and a fervent fan base. At one time, Button Men had over 300 licensed characters! Now, this fan favorite is back in a brand-new format, featuring 48 all-new characters from four warring criminal factions. Over 30 high-quality Koplow dice are included in the game. Button Men will be appearing in friendly local game stores worldwide throughout the month of February.

To celebrate Button Men’s release, Cheapass Games is giving away copies of Button Men via the Button Men #CriminalMatchmaker quiz! Take the quiz and share your results by February 27th to enter.

Button Men: Players: 2 or more Age: 12+ Time: 5 min Price: $35

Releasing later in February is the University Edition of Tak. Originally introduced by Patrick Rothfuss in best-selling novel The Wise Man’s Fear, Tak was brought to life in a larger previous edition released in 2017. The University Edition of Tak features a smaller set of pieces as well as an oft-requested cloth bag, making Tak portable and compact, and retails for $40.

Tak: University Edition: Players: 2 Age: 12+ Time: 20-40 min Price: $40