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Adepticon 2023: Para Bellum announces W’adrhŭn Summer for Conquest

At Adepticon 2023, Para Bellum Wargames announced W’adrhŭn Summer (or Winter for their Southern Hemisphere friends) for Conquest. Between May and September, Conquest will bring forth some incredible releases for those who love W’adrhŭn.

May is the place to start your Path of Conquest with the W’adrhŭn. This Matriarchal society brings the dinosaurs, with great fighters and a truly aggressive play style. A robust 1 player starter ready to play a game of First Blood or The Last Argument of Kings. This W’adrhŭn set is loaded with a complete stand of 12 Blooded and Slingers, a set of 18 Hunting Pack Dinos, a set of 3 Raptor Riders, and the Predator character. Each starter set will have a very thorough First Blood army as well as a great beginning set to play a game of Last Argument of Kings. Included in this set are BOTH rulebooks for First Blood II and TLAOK II.

And now to expand your 1 player starter further…..

June will bring forth the long-awaited Chosen of Conquest, a fantastic infantry set of uniquely posed W’adrhŭn fighters with a whole new look. These 12  W’adrhŭhn are aggressive fighters with style. 

Following the Chosen of Conquest, there will be DINOS – lots of DINOS! Para Bellum’s Artisan Series turns its eyes on a new Mounted Chieftain resin sculpture. You can’t have W’adrhun without dinos! The release of the Brood of Omgorah saw many characters getting a mounted option through it. However, with the upcoming release of the beautiful Thunder Riders their Chieftain will be able to join their thunderous charge. Gearing the Chieftain to 11 gaining Brutal Impact, Linebreaker, and Unstoppable no enemy line will be able to withstand the might of this W’adrhun goodness! A completely new look that we will unveil a little later to keep a little mystery!

The Thunder Riders bring a Ceratopsian look to this army in a very exciting way. This plastic brute set will be dynamic, following the tradition of the top-selling Raptor Riders. These stylized Ceratops figures will look great on tables – especially against the Minotaurs from our recently released City States faction. It is like a bit of evolution played out on your table.

And the dog days of summer will come with the anticipated release of BOTH the Tontorr and a surprise with the Drum Beast. These are two separate MONSTERS of the table. Each with unique play style and a special crew to ride and hang from as they fight off advancing armies. We mean MONSTERS – even larger than our Apex Predator, and they each come with three unique crew members. As a separate item, there will be a special Scion rider alt sculpt for the Drum Beast, and the Tontorr will have a special Chieftain rider alt sculpt available separately. (note Drum Beast crew is not pictured)

There will be a pre-sell campaign on all of these starting in Late May, with exclusive offers for those who pre-purchase the W’adrhŭn items from their favorite FLGS or through our e-shop. Stay tuned for more details on this exciting opportunity!

Para Bellum reveals First Blood II for Conquest

Para Bellum Games, publisher of the fantasy Mass Combat Miniature Wargame Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings and Skirmish ruleset Conquest: First Blood, is launching an evolved look at Skirmish play with its rules and gameplay style in First Blood II.

First Blood is a fast-paced, alternating activation, skirmish wargame using a small warband of about 15 models. First Blood sees fighting from the eyes of soldiers behind a shield wall, (rather than the eagle-eye view of an Army Commander), allowing fans to delve deeper into each model’s lore and explore further how each Faction would approach combat engagements of that scale. This evolved ruleset now allows deeply tactical maneuvers, small-scale unit formations, and movement as opponents fight to capture objectives in war-torn urban and other dense terrain settings.

Conquest: First Blood has its own Army Builder, Competitive and Narrative packs as well as Campaigns that tie it with its sibling, Conquest: the Last Argument of Kings! Conquest offers beautiful lore and highly sculpted miniatures to be uniquely used in two styles of gameplay. Rules are available in multiple languages as well, with new languages being added regularly.

While all miniatures sold by Conquest are compatible for playing both The Last Argument of Kings Mass Fantasy Battle style of play, AND the evolved First Blood II style of skirmish play, we have created a First Blood themed 1 Player Warband as an introduction to our Skirmish game. This starter miniature set is available for all 7 of the factions, including the recently released City States. It includes more than enough figures to start your First Blood battles against a friend, it also includes a printed First Blood rule book, assembly guides, the path of Conquest journey brochures for these factions, and more. Each Warband has miniatures that include 3 Squads of 4, a Brute or Cavalry miniature, a Character, and an Officer – an absolutely great way to start play, and an affordable entry point to the world of Conquest.

Available for $€69.99, this 1 Player set is a great introduction to the worlds of Conquest. These sets debut on April 28th worldwide!

Adepticon 2023: Get Para Bellum’s Angry Chicken con exclusive for Conquest

Para Bellum Games, publisher of fantasy Mass Combat Miniature Wargame Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings and Skirmish ruleset Conquest: First Blood, has revealed a CON exclusive release… and it’s like nothing you’ve seen before. Fans visiting Para Bellum booths during selected conventions will be able to purchase the ANGRY CHICKEN exclusive box. With two exclusive miniatures of a Giant Angry Chicken (because obviously, one is not enough) and a thematic Special Scenario Pack for a deadly First Blood battle, the Angry Chicken Con Exclusive is the thing no one knew needed – but must have!

Through the greedy, vile Biomancy of the Spire of Chikh-Ehn, this humble flightless avian has evolved into a Discord community meme, an emote, a fan-favorite T-Shirt and an exclusive release, becoming the ultimate First Blood scenario for two forces of 600-800 points. With terrifying abilities like “BAWK!!!” “BAAAAAAWK!!!” and “BA-GAWWWWWWKK!!!”, the two armies will need not only to defeat their opponents, but also to survive this unkillable, bloodthirsty poultry, which rampages through the field, killing without discrimination. Only a handful of generals have been able to make the sacrifices necessary to achieve victory. Will you join their hallowed ranks?

The Angry Chicken box, and Companion T-shirt, will debut at Adepticon 2023 (booth 510), each at an SRP of $25 USD, and will only be available at the Para Bellum booths in selected conventions thereafter. These will be only available through Para Bellum in person, and not online. Which Cons? Stay tuned!

Para Bellum Angry Chicken

Para Bellum reveals The W’adrhŭn Chieftain for Conquest

The W’adrhŭn Chieftain

While civil divisions and rule by council might be all well and good for the day-to-day rule of a village, the Ukunfazane was well aware that her fractious children would need a strong hand to hold the tiller when they marched to war. Thus was the position of the Chieftain born: Elected from amongst the oldest and canniest of W’adrhŭn warriors and standing outside the village hierarchy, Chieftains wield power only within the confines of a military raid or campaign, but there their will authority is absolute.

Available for pre-order:
EU/Rest of the World

The W’adrhŭn Chieftain

The City States arrive as the 7th faction for Para Bellum’s Conquest

Para Bellum Games, publisher of the fantasy mass combat miniature Wargame Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings and skirmish ruleset Conquest: First Blood, kicks off the new year with a new faction! Heirs to the vast knowledge of the Old Dominion, the City States display their might through a mix of technology and magic, empowering their troops. Fueled by the leeched power of their designed Gods, the City States twist the familiar tropes of Ancient Greek mythology, bringing their own aesthetic and specialized rules to the tabletop. Favoring phalanx formations and mythological brutes, their armies are empowered by reality-bending knowledge which fuels mechanically enhanced troops, turning each and every troop on the field into a killing machine!

One can expect the City States to field anything from clockwork soldiers to fire-breathing chariots, titans with marble and metal hands, and minotaurs equipped for war! Already available for pre-order, the City States enter the fray with two characters – the Polemarch and the Aristarch – and four regiments – 1 Infantry Dual Kit of Phalangites/Hoplites and 1 Brute Dual Kit of Minotaur Haspists/Thyreans. A Two Player Starter Set of City States vs. Nords has also been made available for pre-order, giving a good taste of the new faction and offering two limited edition character designs for the Polemarch and the Nord Konungyr!

The first entries of the City States have begun shipping now, along with the ‘Two Player Starter Set: Nords Vs The City States’ box with an SRP of 179.99 USD/EU. All orders may be released on receipt, and arrivals can be expected between the 20th and 27th of February across the Globe to all FLGS and gamers.

Conquest’s next faction revealed!

Para Bellum Wargames, the developer and publisher of the fantasy Regimental Miniature Wargame Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings and Skirmish system Conquest: First Blood, launched a new special event on its interactive lore platform, the Living World. Codenamed ‘Project 8,’ the event presented three candidate factions for release after the City States, (the seventh faction to join the ranks of Conquest in February 2023). The choice was between the elemental Sorcerer Kings, the hardened and versatile Dogs of War, or the spawned creations of Hel, the Conquest Community will decide!

With the most voting of any Living World event in the history of Conquest’s interactive platform, Para Bellum has announced that Sorcerer Kings will be the 8th faction, coming out in 2024. The community spoke, and while the contest was a tight race, the Sorcerer Kings with a vote total of 41.76% nudged out Hel which came in second with a vote total of 39.68%. The Dogs of War ended the vote with 18.56%.

What are the Sorcerer Kings – God-killers. Masters of Elements. Founders of not mere kingdoms but of an entire continent and its civilization. Once members of an elite cabal of practitioners of the Old Dominion who drunk hastily into the power left behind by the Anathematic, the Sorcerer Kings eagerly shift in their elemental thrones as the winds of fortune change, inviting them home… An exciting race, one that will make for an exciting introduction to Conquest gameplay in 2024.

Conquest The Sorcerer Kings

The City States arrive for Para Bellum’s Conquest

The City States has arrived for Para Bellum‘s Conquest games. The new army is ready to go with new units and a new two-player starter set to get you started!

New Two Player Starter! Nords vs City States!

Grab a friend and dive into the world of Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings and Conquest: First Blood with our new 2 player Starter Set! With proposed scenarios designed to ease you into the system of Conquest, the box contains a starter warband and a commander unit for each faction – City States, our 7th and newest faction vs the Nords! The City States are our faction of Ancient Greek human warriors. These figures will take you back in time, with the highly detailed sculpting that ancient Greece is famous for. The Nords are a fantastical group of Slavic style of miniatures, including a giant – the Mountain Jotnar! The set is ready for two players to clash on the field. play a rank and flank style of game with the Last Argument of Kings rule set, 2 copies of the new 2.0 edition rules are included. You are also welcome to use your same miniatures to play our Skirmish style of game with First Blood. Whether you rally the might of the Nords or command the City States, the objective is one and the same: Conquest.

Available for pre-order!
EU/Rest of the World

The Polemarch

Raised almost exclusively within the walls of the Scholae, aspirant Polemarchs are selected from the teeming multitudes of the City State through the rigorous yearly exams that feed the City State’s administration. Chosen for their leadership skills and physical proficiency, their exhaustive, ten-year curriculum is rounded out with at least a decade’s worth of actual combat experience before they can claim the title. Leading from the front lines and inspiring their troops, Polemarchoi have become iconic figures epitomizing the martial strength of the City States. This has led ignorant northern scholars to translate the title of Polemarchos as ‘Warlord’. This is wrong, the correct title is ‘Lord of War’.

Available for pre-order!
EU/Rest of the World

The Polemarch

The Aristarch

Much of a City States bureaucratic apparatus is selected through a rigorous civil service exam, but the Aristarch is an exception. Handpicked from the pool of Aspirant Polemachoi by the ruling power of a City State; be it a Council, a Tyrant or even a God, an Aristarchos embodies all of the virtues of a city State and is thus chosen to lead its forces on campaign. Tested and trained to a standard even higher than that of the Polemarch, his studies focus instead on strategy, philosophy, politics and economics, allowing him to serve the role of general, ambassador or governor as needs dictate to further the power and glory of his City.

Available for pre-order!
EU/Rest of the World

The Aristarch

The Hoplites

Unlike the feudal obligations of the Hundred Kingdoms, the City States have embraced a higher ideal for their people and armed forces. The bulk of their army is composed of Hoplites, citizen soldiers mustered to protect their city and its interests. Armed and equipped from the advanced foundries of their City State and drilled relentlessly, a phalanx of Hoplites is an almost immovable obstacle on the battlefield, capable of holding their own against the best any challenger might throw at them.

Available for pre-order!
EU/Rest of the World

The Hoplites

The Phalangites

While Hoplites are the citizen soldiery of a given City State, the Phalangites are its professional army. Hardboiled and scarred veterans of countless campaigns, Phalangites take everything that makes a phalanx deadly, and kick it up a notch. Eschewing the use of the hoplon (shield) their daily drills allow them to employ their pikes, the dreaded sarissa, while holding formation. This turns them into both a hammer and an anvil, allowing them to retain their defensive nature while crushing the opposition behind an impenetrable hedge.

Available for pre-order!
EU/Rest of the World

The Phalangites

The Community will decide the Eighth Faction for Conquest

Para Bellum Wargames, the developer and publisher of the fantasy Regimental Miniature Wargame Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings and Skirmish system Conquest: First Blood, has launched a new special event on its interactive lore platform, the Living World. Codenamed ‘Project 8,’ the event presents three candidate factions for release after the City States, (the seventh faction to join the ranks of Conquest). The twist? The decision will be made by the player base of Conquest, in a 3-round ‘competition’ between the three candidates! Whether it will be the elemental Sorcerer Kings, the hardened and versatile Dogs of War, or the spawned creations of Hel, the Conquest Community will decide!

The three candidate factions, codenamed ‘Hel’, ‘Dogs of War’ and ‘Sorcerer Kings’, will be presented in a new and escalating fashion, in three rounds. Looking to create strong impressions, the atmosphere and feel of each faction will be the first thing released before showcasing concepts. The rounds will be exploring Faction Lore and Sub-factions, Faction Playstyle, and Early Concept Art. Each round has more teased details to allow fans to change their minds about their favorite factions as they learn more about each. Cast your votes with care, as there are no points for second place! Project 8 will ONLY decide the eighth faction to be released! Who knows what Conquest has in store after that?!

Project 8 voting in the first round, along with all details of these factions is available now. The program is ending January 27th, and anyone can participate in Project 8, assuming they are a registered user of the Para Bellum Games website. Get ready to cast your votes!

Para Bellum reveals its Conquest 2023 pricing and new releases

Conquest has announced its first third-of-the-year release schedule for 2023, and new 2023 pricing. 

January will bring the newest items for the Old Dominion to market, including the Founder’s Exclusive Heavy Metal diorama. This is a numbered edition of 750 units, available while supply lasts. The Mounted Strategos brings the “Undead” to “life” on this mounted steed, a truly beautiful sculpt, while the deadly whimsy of the Kanephor and Karaytid have a very distinctive look for player tables. 

February, brings the launch of our 7th faction, City States. More details and rules will be revealed in the new year. Check out the new Hoplites and Phalangites infantry sets in their painted glory. The City States will be the Conquest view of the classic Greek Warriors, with compelling sculptures, fantastic creatures including new Minotaurs, and unique giants like the new Hephaestian and Promethean. A new 2-player starter set will also debut in February, the City States vs the Nords. Everything 2 players need to start playing right away, at an incredible value – $179.99, which saves the gamer $200 over the individual pricing for the sets, and includes 2 exclusive Character sculptures – a unique Polemarch and Konungyr for these armies.

In these inflationary times, Conquest worked hard to maintain, or REDUCE, as many items as possible to continue to have miniature wargaming be accessible to players – new and current. We are making Conquest an inviting game for players! We hope you will help us welcome gamers to our Conquest Community! 

Highlights of the 2023 pricing program:

  • Character miniatures went from $28.99 to $24.99 MSRP, while Premium Sculpts are now $29.99.
  • Infantry Sets move from $42.99 to $39.99 MSRP, and Premium Sculpts are $44.99.
  • Brutes and Cavalry are steady at $49.99, with Premium Sculpts at $59.99
  • There’s incredible value in the 1-Player Starter Sets at $149.99 which is unchanged and $179.99 for the larger 2-player starter sets. 

Peruse the 2023 catalog in digital form, it is linked here!

Here’s the upcoming release schedule:

Nords: Sea Jotnar Artisan SeriesOld Dominion: “Heavy Metal” Founders ExclusiveConquest Army Support Packs Wave 4City States: Army Support Pack W4First Blood 1 player Starters – all factions
Conquest 25ct Dice – C logo Red and BlackOld Dominion: KaryatidsConquest Objective Markers and TokensW’adrhŭn: ChieftainCity States: Mechanist
Old Dominion: KanaphoresCity States vs Nords 2 Player Starter SetW’adrhŭn: VeteransCity States: Promethean
Old Dominion: Mounted StrategosCity States PolemarchOld Dominion: AthanatoiCity States: Hephaestian
Spires: Incarnate SentinelsCity States AristarchOld Dominion: Varangiansand more….
City States: HoplitesDweghom: Herald of Magma
City States: PhalangitesOrganised Play: Paint & Take
City States: Minotaur Thyreans
City States: Minotaur Haspists
City States Faction Dice on Gray swirl Dice
TLAOK Softcover Rulebook – English 2.0

The Mounted Strategos arrives for the Old Dominion in Para Bellum’s Conquest

The origins of chivalry and the feudal order can, like almost all institutions of the Hundred Kingdoms, be traced back to the establishment of the Kataphraktoi Taghmata in the Old Dominion. Their cost of their mount, equipment, and deployment as well as effectiveness on the battlefield set these warriors on a league of their own. A Mounted Strategos is the epitome of this ancient warrior code, a paragon of a bygone age mounted on his ritual companion, whose faded glory and tattered panoply cannot dim the blazing intellect and sheer will that smolder within this faded vessel

Available for pre-order:
EU/Rest of the World

Old Dominion Mounted Strategos
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