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Conquest’s Old Dominion Wave 3 is here!

The Bone Golems

In their quest for knowledge the Dark Creed uncovered many secrets best left alone. prime among them was the fact that the very stones of Capitas were soaked with so much death and so much of Hazlia’s essence during the Fall that all they need to heed their master’s call to murder the living was a simple motivating consciousness… These massive constructs cause terror on the battlefield, their massive forms soaking unbelievable levels of damage as their massive limbs scythe through enemy formations.

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The Bone Golems

Old Dominion: Strategos

A Strategos is the supreme commander of a Dominion Legion, a master of men who commanded the absolute loyalty of his troops, serving as their temporal and spiritual leader while on campaign. His mastery was one of strategy and diplomacy, allowing his officers, the ten Xhiliarchs who served under him to focus on logistics, tactics and the disposition of the troops. Entombed with all the pomp and ceremony one could expect, their awakening into an unlife of service is complete with misery and loss, for unlike the lesser order they not only retain their cognitive function, but memories from before. This makes them a double edged sword for those who would seek to command them: while one of the easiest and most efficient ways to secure the performance and power of an awakened Legion, the Strategoi are no unthinking minions to command. Their cognitive function and memories have allowed them to retain their personalities and with it, ambition.

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Old Dominion: Strategos

Old Dominion: Optio

Second in command to the Centarchos, the lowest ranked officer minted by the Collegia of the Old Dominion, the Optio is a stern, experienced veteran whose responsibility it is than an officer’s orders be obeyed… or ignored. When the Imperial Legions were born, veteran commanders quickly realized they needed a link, a lynchpin between the professional officer corps being produced by the Colleges and the veteran legionnaires that formed the backbone of all Legions.

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Old Dominion: Optio

Para Bellum reveals the W’adrhŭn Hunting Pack

Para Bellum Games, publisher of fantasy Mass Combat Miniature Wargame Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings and the Narrative Skirmish ruleset Conquest: First Blood, is unleashing a swarm of miniatures in a single regiment’s release! The W’adrhŭn faction, which tackles the orc archetype in an awe-inspiring dino-riding concept, will see the “Hunting Pack” join their forces, a regiment of multitudes of smaller-sized dinosaurs standing in place of a medium-sized, cavalry regiment. The result is a threatening throng of bloodthirsty little jaws rushing to meet the enemy!

In a stark contrast to other dinosaur releases of the faction, the Hunting Pack proves that not all beasts employed by the W’adrhun are hulking monstrosities that dominate the battlefield. The Hunting Packs of the “uzibukhali” (smart claw) underline just how menacing small critters can be, when what dominates their physique are alarmingly large open jaws. Adding a light, mainstay cavalry unit to the arsenal of W’adrhŭn warlords, while providing a wide canvas to explore different color schemes and variations of a theme to eager hobbyists, the Hunting Pack is bound to bring life to the table and spread fear on the battlefield!

The Hunting is available on Pre-Order and will hit the shelves of your local FLGS in mid June of 2022 with an MSRP of 49.99/47.99 USD/EU. Each box will have 18 plastic dinosaurs, on 3 brute/cavalry bases to create an awesome affect on tables, and create real value for the gamer and hobbyist alike.

The Fallen Divinity comes to Para Bellum’s Artisan Series

Once noble paragons of the Dominion’s Pantheon but long since corrupted by Hazlia’s Fall, Fallen Divinities are quite simply the most dangerous foes mankind has encountered to date. Thankfully, the trauma of the Fall and the valiant efforts of Kleon during the theomachia that followed have crippled and contained the power of these abhorrent beings. This means that they can be opposed by mortal arms for a brief spell, that vulnerable moment between their manifestation before they have had a chance to feast upon the Dark Power released by the destruction of their followers.

This figure was designed by the team at Para Bellum in keeping with their aesthetic, and then sculpted by renowned artist Michael Kontraros. This is a true artisan series miniature, with incredible details that make it a presence on a game table, or as a painted model.

Available for pre-order:
EU/Rest of the World

The Fallen Divinity

The Old Dominion get new terrors with the Kataphraktoi and Hierodeacons

Para Bellum Games, the developer and publisher of the fantasy Regimental Miniature Wargame Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings and Skirmish system Conquest: First Blood, is expanding on the entries of “The Old Dominion” – the sixth faction of the fantasy gaming world of Conquest! Buried with their faithful warhorses and all their fabled equipment, the dreaded “Kataphraktoi” (Kat-ah-frac-tee) join the fray, the skeletal bodies of horse and rider clad in full metal panoply; and they are not alone. Heralding the way for the horrors of the Fallen Pantheon, the fanatical evangelists of old divinity walk upon the fields of Conquest once more, as the terrifying Hierodeacons gather their forces to bring their twisted dogmas on the world of the living.

The addition of the Kataphraktoi to the available Old Dominion regiments offers a frightening Medium Cavalry Regiment to their Warlords. With high movement, a good defense and shield, plus their Brutal Impact and their unstoppable charge ability, the Kataphraktoi are not there simply for the aesthetics. The Hierodeacon, on the other hand, not only paves the way for future releases of the dreaded Fallen Pantheon Restricted Regiments, it also offers additional magic power, while being an excellent manager of the Warlord’s Dark Power Token pool, magnifying the effects of the Old Dominion’s special rules!

The Kataphraktoi (SRP 49.99US$/ 47.99 EU/ 80.95 AU$) and the Hierodeacon (SRP 28.99 US$/ 25.99 EU/ 41.95 AU$) are hitting the shelves in May 2022.

Taste the Factions of Para Bellums’ Conquest and Learn the Lore!

Para Bellum Games, the developer and publisher of the fantasy Regimental Miniature Wargame Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings and the Skirmish system Conquest: First Blood, launched six new faction-based boxes, designed to give a “taste” of the different factions, their aesthetics, and models. Named “Faction Taster” each box offers a Character and an array of eight to twelve Infantry Regiment models, offering the chance to sample the models of each faction and engage in hours of hobby time to paint and base them! As a bonus, the Tasters offer an entry point to one’s “Conquest: First Blood” armies or a nice boost to an existing one!

With the release of the undead armies of the Old Dominion, Conquest has now six different factions, each with its own playstyle, aesthetics, and theme. The Faction Taster boxes are an easy way to assess personally and truly each of these factions, while they also offer an early start to a full force for the Skirmish battles of “Conquest: First Blood.”

Hitting the shelves in May 2022 with an SRP of 54.99/49.99 USD/EU, the Faction Taster Boxes are perfect for the fans who want to try out different factions of Conquest, and those who want great models to paint up and display!

There’s also a new feature on para-bellum.com. The lore spotlight is for fans who love reading about the world of Eä…. It will be updated every 2 weeks with new stories. The Old Dominion is the April feature. All factions will rotate through the story lines over time. Read the first addition to the lore of Conquest – The Kurschborough Expedition!

Conquest Gets New Starter Sets

Para Bellum Wargames, the developer and publisher of the fantasy Regimental Miniature Wargame Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings and Skirmish system Conquest: First Blood, has released a new series of SIX  -1 Player Starter Sets, one for each of its currently released factions! To top it off, the classic Core Box set has been upgraded to provide a complete experience to two players. The “2 Player Starter Set: Hundred Kingdoms vs Spires” provides everything two players need to start playing Conquest!

The new Starter sets are designed to help any newcomer to Conquest begin their journey with the army of their choice. At the same time, they allow existing players to expand on their armies, as each One Player Starter set offers a key character and four regiments of their Faction of choice. Each box also includes a Rulebook for Mass Combat game of “The Last Argument of Kings”, along with assembly instructions for all regiments, a “Conquest: The Next Step” guide to help guide their army’s expansion and, of course, all plastic bases, stands and Command Cards needed to field your new army!

In the same direction, the “Two Player Starter Set: Hundred Kingdoms vs. Spires” celebrates the oldest of Conquest’s factions, with the same number of regiments for each player! This means 75 models at a SRP of 164.99/149.99USD/EU! In addition to the two rulebooks, the Next Step Guides and the necessary Bases and Stands, the new Two Player Set expands on the Core Box Set, including all Command Cards and Upgrades for its included regiments! A great opportunity for the gamer and a good friend to split a set and start playing quickly!

Wave 1 of the starter sets sold out fast and are arriving at FLGS now. Wave 2 production of the same sets will arrive in May!

The Old Dominion arrives for Para Bellum’s Conquest

Para Bellum Wargames has released The Old Dominion, the sixth faction for Conquest: The Last Argument of Kings and Conquest: First Blood. Undead remnants of a theocratic empire lost over six centuries ago, the Old Dominion brings an Eastern Roman Empire flair to the trope of the undead, with Legions, Cataphracts, animated religious statues and even returned Gods to walk the fields of Conquest!

The release of the Old Dominion as the sixth faction was in fact decided a year ago by the community of Conquest players through the Living World platform and since then Para Bellum has been working on overdrive to deliver. The faction has its own unique mechanics on the field, representing the history and driving force behind them: the god Hazlia, once the patron of humanity, now a shattered deity, whose unGodly madness animates all those sworn to him throughout history. From relics and artifacts devoted to him and his Fallen Pantheon, to the fabled Legions and the endless faithful that heard Hazlia’s angered Final Creed, the Old Dominion are here to bring peace eternal to the world of Conquest! The FREE downloadable rules and Army Builder were updated on March 15th to include all of the Old Dominion updates. Conquest players are welcome to ready their army lists now as they prepare for the April arrival of a large launch of models, with brutes and an Artisan Series sculpt coming in May and June respectively.

Old Dominion Launching with two infantry dual kits (Kheres/Moroi and Legionnaires/Praetorian Guards), two characters (Archimandrite and Xhiliarch), as well as a Limited Preview edition of the Strategos Character. This alt sculpt has been made as a one-time production never to be released again. The Old Dominion is hitting the shelves in April 2022 at FLGS and online at retailers including Pare Bellum’s E-shop. The launch will include a whole-new One Player Starter Set for those who want to start off with a “table ready” regiment. Yes, Old Dominion will be ready to play in April – let’s play!

Asmodee USA will Distribute Para Bellum Games’ Conquest Line of Miniatures

Para Bellum Games

Asmodee USA has announced they will distribute Para Bellum Games’ high-quality tabletop miniatures game line Conquest.

The Conquest miniatures line was built around three points to help the game stand out in the market: miniature detail, rules, and lore built around the world of Eä. The miniatures for Conquest have an amazing level of detail that is sure to please gamers and painting hobbyists. The Para Bellum crew stays updated on current industry trends. All items are developed and produced in the EU Or the US using unique methods of design and production to achieve this high level of quality.

Players will find the rules quick and easy to learn while still offering veteran players layers of strategy. Additionally, all miniatures can be used with their two rule sets: Conquest – The Last Argument of Kings, a mass battle wargame, and Conquest: First Blood, a thrilling skirmish-style game. No matter the Conquest game played, players will find themselves immersed in a deep, mature world. The world of Conquest continues to evolve thanks to player participation in the Conquest: Living World and organized play supported by their system of volunteers called Vanguards.

The Conquest line of miniatures will be available through Asmodee USA this spring, including the brand-new faction, The Old Dominion. This is the 6th faction for Conquest and features the game’s unique look at an army in the style of the Roman Undead. This series will not only have an amazing aesthetic, but they will also bring new rules mastery to create exciting gameplay opportunities.

Para Bellum Reveals The Hellbringer Sorcerer

When the Dweghom turned on their creators it was their affinity for sorcery and metallurgy that allowed them to create weaponry capable of threatening even creatures as mighty as the Dragons. Hellbringer Socerers are the custodians of this ancient craft and even to this day ride the debased descendants of their ancestral enemies, ready to rain down hell on their unsuspecting opponents.

ParaBellum Reveals the W’adrhŭn Founders Exclusive, The Brood of Omgorah from Michael Kontraros

Para Bellum Wargames has revealed the first W’adrhŭn release in their limited edition “Founder’s Exclusive” series. Sporting from Dioramas to special rules depictions on the field, the “Founder’s Exclusive” series of Conquest raises the level of what is possible in a miniature wargame. Sculpted by Michael Kontraros, the 2022 W’adrhŭn Founder’s Exclusive – Brood of Omgorah – depicts a Character with the special Weapon “Brood of Omgorah” chosen. Already fearsome presences on the field, the ferocious W’adrhŭn characters become a terrible tool in the hands of any capable Warlord, once on the back of such a terrifying beast!

The Brood of Omgorah can be used to depict three different W’adrhŭn Characters – the Chieftain, Matriarch Queen and Predator – with the “Brood of Omgorah” Special Rule, turning this stunning, unique model into an incredibly valuable addition to one’s army. Even if they would lose their retinues, the Characters turn into Light Cavalry entries, with appropriate special rules to boot.

With the Brood of Omgorah, the enemies of the W’adrhŭn won’t be able to decide if they are terrified by its fearsome might or enthralled by the sculpt that eyes them menacingly!

Sequentially numbered to four hundred (400), only three hundred and sixty (360) of the pieces will be available for sale. The other forty (40) will be offered as prize support in 2022, making them a spectacular prize worth 124.99/114.99 USD/EU! These will be available in participating FLGS, and will ship to consumers ordering from our EShop at the end of March, as well as debuting at our booths at GAMA and for sale at Adepticon!

2022 W’adrhŭn Founder’s Exclusive – Brood of Omgorah
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