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Gen Con Makes Masks Option for Vaccinated Individuals

Gen Con has released an update to its health and safety plans for Gen Con Indy 2021. According to their update, 87% of attendees who responded to a survey said they have been fully vaccinated and an additional 5% said they would be by convention time. Indiana where the convention takes place lags behind the country in vaccination rate. 42.9% of the population of the state is vaccinated compared to 48.2% of the entire country. It’s estimated a need for at least a 70% vaccination rate to reach herd immunity. Those 12 and under can not be immunized currently.

With that and “falling rates”, the convention has decided that:

  • Mask-wearing at Gen Con will be strongly recommended at all times indoors or in crowded areas for all Gen Con attendees.
  • Mask wearing will be required at all times for all unvaccinated persons.
  • Vaccinated individuals that prefer not to wear a mask may present proof of vaccination and ID at one of the health check-in stations and receive a wrist bracelet indicating that they are vaccinated. While wearing a valid bracelet individuals are not required to wear a mask at Gen Con for the duration of the convention.
  • If an individual has a documented medical reason that prevents them from wearing a mask or receiving a vaccination, they may present the medical documentation at a health check-in station to receive a bracelet.
  • If someone has medical reasons that keep them from both wearing a mask and receiving a vaccine, they will need to go to the Special Services desk to get their wristband. Those are the only people authorized to give out wristbands for medical exemptions.

Other safety adjustments include:

  1. Reduced capacity at approximately 60% of normal size
  2. Increased spacing for all gaming tables
  3. Nightly closure of the convention center for cleaning and sanitizing
  4. More outdoor activations

With all the above, the convention has also decided to not to implement timed entry to the Exhibit Hall. Between a reduced number of attendees and the mask/proof of vaccination requirement, that normal operations for entry can happen. There are six entrances to choose from. There are also no limited exclusives at the show this year decreasing the need for individuals to rush and crowd the halls early.

The announcement by the convention has been received with mixed results. The Delta variant has shown it’s not only highly contagious and spreads far easier than the previous virus it can break through vaccinations. California has mandated masks again due to the spread of this virus variant. The likelihood of spreading without masks remains high and puts those who can’t get the vaccination and those who can not wear masks at higher risk if attending. It also puts pressure on security and others to now enforce mask mandates. While this would be an issue anyway, now they must look for a wristband to determine who may wear one making the task even more difficult. We’ve seen how individuals react protesting masks and to gain clout. As is, the work would be dangerous and now it’s more difficult.

Good luck to those going but we’ll be skipping this year ourselves, the first time in many years.

Games Workshop Announces a Break on New Releases

With shipping a mess and COVID still causing all sorts of problems, Games Workshop has announced that they’re delaying their next few releases. The announcement mentioned this would take place over the “next couple of weeks” during which there will be no new pre-orders.

But… there will be new Print on Demand releases from Black Library next week of The Horus Heresy series hardbacks for books 31-35.

So what will you be doing with the break of releases? Any projects you’re working on?

Games Workshop

AdeptiCon Cancels its 2021 Convention


With the future still unknown and COVID infection out of control, AdeptiCon has announced that they have decided to cancel their 2021 convention. Scheduled to have taken place in March 2021, the ability to even plan the convention is limited due to restrictions imposed by the State of Illinois where it takes place.

In their statement the convention states “the health and well-being of our attendees and staff, makes cancellation the only option. We believe it is the responsible one.”

Instead, the focus will turn to 2022 allowing for the convention staff to continue to develop the Ancient Order of AdeptiCon and launch of an AdeptiCOn webstore allowing for the purchase of merchandise year round.

Those who rolled over their registration from 2021, it will shift to 2022/2023 without any issues.

You can read their full announcement below.

AdeptiCon 2021

We hope that everyone is well in these unprecedented and uncertain times. It has been a challenging year for all of us. It is with a heavy heart that we must announce officially what many of you have already come to realize, that it will be impossible to hold AdeptiCon in March of 2021. The continued ongoing effects of the pandemic and the restrictions imposed by the State of Illinois mean we are unable to effectively plan and organize the logistical efforts involved with running the convention. As you may be aware, by late November AdeptiCon has already typically opened hotel blocks and launched registration and staff and attendees alike have started making plans to see old friends and begin new hobby projects.

Like Americans across the country, we are optimistic that brighter days are coming, but the fluidity of the situation does not allow for the firm commitments required to see AdeptiCon realized in the way we’ve all come to expect. We do not make this decision lightly and there is no group more disappointed than the AdeptiCon staff, but current restrictions along with our continued first priority, the health and well-being of our attendees and staff, makes cancellation the only option. We believe it is the responsible one.

To that end, we have notified and consulted with our venue and myriad partners to negotiate the necessary arrangements to cancel AdeptiCon 2021, while simultaneously securing the future of the convention for years to come.

We understand that this was not the announcement anyone wanted to hear and certainly not one we are happy about making. However, this decision allows us to focus fully on the future of AdeptiCon. Instead of being confined and limited by the uncertainty of current circumstances, we can focus on planning the best possible AdeptiCon 2022. It also allows us to continue the development of the Ancient Order of AdeptiCon perks and the launch of an AdeptiCon webstore that would make AdeptiCon merchandise available year round.

Once again, we appreciate your understanding, patience, and the unprecedented loyalty of our attendees. If you had chosen, previously, to roll your registration forward, rest assured that it will move to 2022/2023 without any issues. This has been a challenging time for the nation and while AdeptiCon thanks everyone involved in making the convention the best event in the world, from attendees to volunteers to exhibitors, we would especially like to acknowledge those of you serving your communities in the medical and first-responder fields. Your tireless work allows us to see the light at the end of the tunnel and gives us confidence that not only will AdeptiCon be back, stronger than ever, but that our country will too. Thank you,

The AdeptiCon Staff
December 3, 2020

Games Workshop Delivers an Update Concerning England’s Lockdown

Games Workshop logo

With England soon on a lockdown for a month, there’s been a lot of rumors and speculation as to what it means for various game companies, an example being Games Workshop.

The game and miniature company has released an update saying the impending lockdown won’t have an impact to its operations elsewhere in the world. Warhammer shops will stay open, where they can be, and the webstore will keep taking order. Factories and warehouses are also operating safely. Also, the news and new releases will keep on coming.

But, there will be an impact in England.

In England, Warhammer shops will be closed starting Thursday due to government regulations. Today and tomorrow are the last days for you to shop in person for a bit.

In other locations, Games Workshop is still following the local rules that governments have outlined. They are still delivering online orders, they’re still open in a way!

And as many are doing, Games Workshop has thrown out ideas to help individuals get through the lockdown, which can be tough. There’s an amazing community out there to connect to and numerous individuals who can chat virtually or be a part of build and paint sessions. For those impacted and missing their community there’s many of us out there willing and able to connect.

Good luck and be safe!

Games Workshop Will Return their COVID Claims

Games Workshop

Games Workshop released an update on their financial year and things are looking good as of May 31, 2020.

In the notice, they announced that their warhouses are operational though the factory is working in limited capacity. The trade and online sales are still working from home. In hard numbers, 306 of the company’s 532 stores are open in 20 countries, all complying with local guidance and distancing measures.

But, the sales is where it gets interesting.

In the update, the company said that through February, their earnings were in line with what was expected. The company has seen an impact due to COVID-19 however the recovery since re-opening has been “better than epected.”

The comapny is estimated the “sales to be c. £270 million and profit before tax for the year ended 31 May 2020 to be no less than £85 million.” They are also receiving an estimated £16 million from licensing. And the cash balance as of May 31, 2020 is £50 million.

Things are going well enough that the company will not be making any more government claims that they were eligable for due to the current situation. In fact, the company is aiming to “repay any amounts that have already been received, where possible.”

The likely reason the company is repaying the money is the rules and strings that came with taking it. By returning the money, they’d no longer have to abide by them and could return to near “business as normal.” With profits as they’re showing, that’s not a bad idea. It also shows the company feels they’re in a good financial spot to do so.

But, the future is still murky. It’s unknown what COVID-19’s impact will bring and with likely future waves and outbreaks, things can change easily.

NOVA Open 2020 is Officially Cancelled


NOVA Open has announced that the 2020 convention is canceled due to COVID-19. The convention had been hoping this wouldn’t be the case. The decision was made to protect the attendees, staff, volunteers, and the community at large.

The convention will see repercussions and has said that full refunds for all would “end the NOVA Open permanently.” They are giving attendees options as to how to handle this.

Store items and SuperNOVA and DwarfNOVA have been canceled. You can contribute existing purchases to the NOVA Open, get a full refund, a partial refund, transfer credit to use for 2021, or donate to the NOVA Open Charitable Foundation to benefit Doctors Without Borders. The convention is also asking for donations to continue into 2021. The deadline to choose an option is July 10, 2020. If no decision is made, funds will be contributed to support the NOVA Open.

The below video explains what the expenses for the show are.

Diamond and Alliance Launch “Back the Comeback” to Support Comic and Game Retailers

Back the Comeback

Diamond Comic Distributors and Alliance Game  Distributors, Geppi Family Enterprises companies, have announced the launch of Back The Comeback, a multi-phased campaign focused on supporting local comic and game stores as they reopen, restart and rebuild. Centered around the rallying cry of, “Our Comeback Will Be Bigger Than Our Setback,” Diamond and Alliance created the campaign in partnership with publishers and industry influencers to shine a light on the unique relationship consumers have with their local comic and game retailers while raising funds to support restart efforts.

Back The Comeback launches today with a social media challenge. In a video message posted on Twitter, Facebook, as well as various YouTube channels, Steve Geppi challenges five friends to #BackTheComeback and post messages of support for their favorite comic or game store while asking their friends and fans to do the same.

Viewers can visit the official website for additional information including tools to help make their own social messages and a link to purchase campaign T-shirts. All from T-shirt sales will be distributed to charities that support comic and game stores.

Charity recipients include:

The second phase of this campaign begins later this summer when Diamond International Galleries (DIG) launches a Back The Comeback charity auction. Steve Geppi has kicked off donations to the auction with items valued at approximately $50,000. The winning bidders will donate directly to one of three charities that support comic and game retailers and submit proof of donation to DIG to claim their item.

The third phase of this campaign focuses on in-store promotion. Alliance will offer weekly promotions to retailers and Diamond will partner with publishers to place the Back The Comeback logo on the cover of select comics to commemorate this time period and the emphasis on rebuilding. More information on these additional phases of the campaign will be released in the coming weeks.

Knight Models Releases Madame Pomfrey for the Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game to Raise Money

Knight Models is releasing a Madame Pomfrey miniature for the Harry Potter Miniatures Adventure Game. Proceeds will go entirely to the General Hospital of LaPaz of the Community of Madrid.

You can also participate in a drawing for this figure painted by Ángel Giráldez.

The figure is a Knight Models webstore exclusive and retails for $16.67 plus shipping.

Games Workshop’s Webstore Returns… for Some

Games Workshop

Games Workshop has begun taking orders for some territories on their webstore. It’s open, but it’s also not quite business as usual and some changes.

The company is using a queue for at least for the short term to help handle the demand that’s expected. But, don’t worry, James Workshop has a special message for you.

There’s also a limit on some items like Citadel Colour Paints, Spray Paints, Citadel Super Glue, Citadel Plastic Glue, and the Prophecy of the Wolf. Each of those are limited to 3 per order to make sure everyone can get some.

For those territories not open, copies of Prophecy of the Wolf are being set aside to make sure there’s some available to all.

There’s also a chance items will go out of stock.

Shipping for free has also been decreased as far as the threshold that needs to be hit to get it.

Below are the territories that can take advantage now and those who must still wait.

If you live in one of these listed territories, you’ll be able to place an order:

  • UK
  • Finland
  • Ireland
  • Netherlands
  • Norway
  • Denmark
  • France
  • Spain
  • Japan
  • Poland
  • Sweden
  • Germany
  • Austria
  • Belgium
  • Rest of World
  • Rest of Europe

Games Workshop is not yet taking orders in the following territories, but they’ll be reviewing this regularly, and hope to be able to open them up for orders again soon!

  • Italy
  • Australia
  • New Zealand
  • USA
  • Canada

Gen Con 2020 is still on… for now

Gen Con

Is this the year when we all Gen Can’t? While conventions are being canceled or rescheduled around the country, Gen Con is still going ahead, sort of.

The “best four days in gaming” is delaying their event registration and release of their catalog as they monitor the situation which is ever changing.

While other conventions going on the same weekend elsewhere are being canceled the COVID-19 impact is specific to locations and varies. Gen Con though brings in tens of thousands of individuals from out of state and involves the constant touching of gaming items after others use them. So, the basic premise of the convention is a high-risk environment of the virus being passed along.

If the convention does go on, expect the hall to smell like disinfectant.

You read Gen Con’s latest update at their site.

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