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Jasco Games is now UVS Games

UniVersus Collectible Card Game

For over 17 years, Jasco Games has brought fans together to play, share, and enjoy collectible card games. And now, Jasco is UVS Games! Along with the rebrand, the game publisher has also announced new releases for the UniVersus Collectible Card Game.

My Hero Academia and Cowboy Bebop and Trigun Stampede are all coming to the UniVersus Collectible Card Game.

With those new franchises and characters coming to UniVersus, also comes a new type of product to handle them all, introducing the Challenger Series. The Challenger Series: Cowboy Bebop* and Challenger SeriesTrigun Stampede will each feature two character cards, a preconstructed deck ready for tournament play, and a Collector’s Booster Pack of six alt-art foil premium cards. The deck will feature mechanically unique cards only found in the Challenger Series.

Cowboy Bebop, a franchise known to UniVersus players, returns with Spike, Bounty Hunter, and Faye. Vash the Stampede and Nicholas D. Wolfwood from the smash hit TV show Trigun Stampede will join the UniVersus Collectible Card Game system. These iconic franchises have captivated audiences worldwide, and our community will be able to boost or battle existing UniVersus decks or build new ones using cards from the Challenger Series.

UVS Games is just beginning. They recently announced the return of My Hero Academia with a Collectible Card Game Set called My Hero Academia: Jet Burn, which will include fan-favorite character Hawks as well as a new type of collectible card to the UniVersus world: alternate art cards featuring characters from Jet Burn and previous My Hero Academia sets. Jet Burn will be the first release to feature the new UniVersus card logo and card frame, and they have released a first look at Hawks and Hawk’s Feather cards in the set. The My Hero Academia: Jet Burn game set will be available worldwide in time for the holiday season.

*Challenger Series: Cowboy Bebop is only available in North, Central, and South America and is TBD for other regions, more details to come.

Don’t Panic Games and Mana Project Studio Will launch a Cowboy Bebop: The Role-Playing Game in 2022

Cowboy Bebop: The Role-Playing Game

Mana Project Studio and Don’t Panic Games, in partnership with Sunrise, have announced Cowboy Bebop: The Role-Playing Game: the official tabletop role-playing game of one of the most beloved anime of all time!

Cowboy Bebop, directed by Shinchiro Watanabe, is one of the most famous anime series of all time. Broadcast in 1998 in Japan and all over the world in the following years, it has had a cult following so great to this day that the live-action remake will be one of Netflix’s major launches worldwide in November 2021.

In the Cowboy Bebop: The Role-Playing Game, players will live through their own stories of bounty hunters in space, in a jazzy universe blending Western, Film Noir, and buddy cop movies, accompanied by one of the best anime soundtracks in history.

The game will be designed by the award-winning Italian authors Fumble, who won the prestigious Italian Game
of the Year award in 2020 for Not The End. It will reach Kickstarter in 2022 and hopefully hit shelves by the end of the year. Its initial launch will feature English, French and Italian languages.

A leaflet presentation will be available exclusively during the Essen SPIEL game fair next week at the Don’t Panic
Games booth 2D116.

In the coming months, those who have signed up will gain the opportunity to pioneer the game system during its playtests!