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Unboxing: Warlord Games Mystery Box

Warlord Games has launched a mystery box packed with items from their various games.

Retailing for $72, the box contains a minimum of $136 worth of items.

What’s inside one of the boxes and does it live up to promises? Find out!

A second Mystery Box is on sale now! Get them before they sell out!

Items (prices are from the Warlord website and second number Miniature Market):

  • Bolt Action German Army Dice Bag & Dice – $16 ($36.99)
  • Warlord Laser Pointer & Laser Line – $16 ($13.99)
  • Japanese A6MX ‘Zero-Sen’ 6 Plane Squadron – $40 ($34)
  • Cruel Seas: Soviet Bronekater pr.1125 with Katyusha – $24 ($21.99)
  • Cruel Seas Rulebook – $32 ($27.99)
  • Bolt Action Campaign Gigant Operation Sea Lion: The Second Front x2 – $20.75 ($17.99) each
  • Terminator Genisys Sprues (x2) – ?
  • Bolt Action British Infantry Sprue – ?

Total: $169.50 ($170.94)

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Warlord Games’ The Cruel Seas Pre-order is now Live!

The tide is at its highest – the pre-order for Cruel Seas is now available! Anyone who pre-orders from Warlord Games from now until midnight Saturday 27th of October will have their rulebook signed by Author and MD of Warlord Games, Mr John Stallard. Join the battle for the coastal waters when Cruel Seas hits your local store this December!

Standard Rulebook

Limited Collector’s Edition

Be it the coastal waters of England or across the Channel to France, on to the Mediterranean waters or on to the vast Island chains of the Pacific, Cruel Seas will ensure your small ships see plenty of adrenaline-fuelled action!

Cruel Seas Starter Set

CS Gold Starter’s Collection

Gain supremacy in the World’s oceans with the nation specific fleets!

British Royal Navy Fleet

German Kriegsmarine

US Navy Fleet

Imperial Japanese Navy Fleet

Perform deadly nighttime raids and fast attacks with a variety of flotillas! These small designated groups of ships were often used for quick engagements.

Royal Navy Vosper MTB flotilla

US Navy PT boat flotilla

Kriegsmarine S-boat flotilla

Comprising of a Fleet set, a flotilla box and a standard rulebook with the FREE U-Boat, these bundles serve as a great starting point for any particular nation!

Royal Navy Coastal Force

Kriegsmarine Coastal Force

US Navy Coastal Force

Imperial Japanese Navy Starter